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“Big Brother”: If anyone deserves an award, it’s Super Mário Jardel

“Big Brother”: If anyone deserves an award, it’s Super Mário Jardel

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest TVI reality show Gala.

Jardel had a tough gala this Sunday.

As if crying wasn’t enough this Saturday, February 19th, when we had to hear Goucha and Cláudio Ramos sing at TVI’s anniversary gala, this Sunday “Big Brother Famosos” held emotions high and moved to tears.

Starting with Liliana, who went to the confessional to review her week and explain what prompted her not to leave the house, despite pleas from her friend Bruno de Carvalho. Liliana explained that “a lot of the conversations and attitudes were just games” and that she felt reassured after receiving the first plane with the message “Lili, I love you to infinity.”

In addition to this message, the contestant received: “Lili, if you want, I’ll get you now. BC” and a less romantic and more pragmatic “Love, I’m out. Bruno”. The singer was still undecided about the content of the letter. Besides, it was the only one, because nobody in the house noticed why it didn’t come out after all. After that, all Bruno had to do was send a plane with the words “Hello???”. duo! Did you figure it out or do you want a drawing?”

On the pink sofa, Ana Garcia Martins commented on Liliana’s decision, but unfortunately we couldn’t understand anything because someone forgot to warn her that the butcher curtain’s earrings would constantly hit the lapel microphone. Result: Instead of hearing popcorn, in the first intervention we heard a pan making popcorn.

In the meantime, we learned that Big has assigned a mission to all competitors. Mário Jardel should say the sentence “Cristina, you are so beautiful”. Did Jardel complete the mission? overcome. Did you manage to say the sentence correctly? He didn’t make it, but he came close with his wonderful version “Cristina, du bist es beurifô”. And if there’s anyone who deserves an award, it’s Super Mario. Last week, Jardel received news of his mother’s death, but thankfully, he was held dear by all housemates during this difficult time.

What is the bright idea that the production remembers to implement a week before the end of the program, after reliving that day through pictures in the confessional? Bring the mothers of the other participants home so they can hug them. It only remained to say to Jardel: “Too bad, Jardel, if it had only been a little week…” It was completely unnecessary and painful for Jardel, but nevertheless the player showed that he has a big heart and welcomed all his companions at the door of the cube with the affection of someone who knows what a privilege it is to be able to give that hug he can no longer.

Jardel also presented his life curve this week. I mean, it wasn’t so much a curve, it was more of a switchback – like he’d been driving before entering the house. The former player resumed his alcohol and drug abuse and admitted he came to Sporting’s training session while under the influence of drugs. He also told that he had an overdose and during this episode he saw monsters and Jesus. In other words, Jardel had the same experience that we all Benfica fans have had since the start of this season until December. But for him, the nightmare is over.

Luckily, Jorge Guerreiro is still able to hug his mother. And what a lovely mother the singer has. Dona Amélia is the real queen of this edition and has not hesitated to leave a compliment for her son as well as some messages. “We’re all very proud, I only ask one thing of you, have fun… and go for a walk.”

What a spectacle, a mother who is a mother does not miss an opportunity to send her son to tidy up the room. Kasha and Catarina were also able to hug their mothers and after these moments, Flávio Furtado asked to speak.

“Someone is here and they’re watching everything they’re suffering and I have to hug them,” he said emotionally, turning to Jorge, Mário Jardel’s brother, who was in the audience. It was a good television moment and after this beautiful gesture, it is worth saying to Flávio: “It’s you beurifô”.


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