“Big Brother”: Bruno de Carvalho may not be a great DJ, but he can dance


“Big Brother”: Bruno de Carvalho may not be a great DJ, but he can dance

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the second gala in the remake of the TVI reality show.

The new “Big Brother” is a crowd puller.

After trying to rent us a room, they wanted to give us a new floor this Sunday. Then you only have to show the neighbor’s garage to see that the new “Big Brother Famosos” was just a marketing campaign by Remax.

“You have got a new floor,” said Bruno de Carvalho at the beginning of the week and Jaciara realized that she would be awarded a fantastic apartment. Fortunately, Laura later explained to him that the expression didn’t quite mean that. In this case, the floor was not a T5 with a view, but a basement without windows, facing backwards.

So that nobody leaves any doubts, Cristina Ferreira deliberately explained: “Who is to blame for all this: Rosinhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Pedro Abrunhosa from Pimba music, interpreter of so many and so sublime topics such as “I take it in the package” or “Eu mexo nos telhões do meu amor “, performed in the studio to sing his classic” I have a new floor “” and thus show that television is also used to address relevant topics such as real estate – or rough anal sex – in a playful way.

And that was the motto of this new version of the program, with a week of animation, starting with the President of the House, Bruno de Carvalho. In a few days, the competitor won most of the roommates and managed to position itself as the undisputed leader, perform as a DJ, play guitar like my three-year-old nephew, generate controversy and start a romantic atmosphere with dinner two. All of this is dressed like a Stabilo fluorescent ink stick.

Bruno is the hero of this story right now and I thought that having dinner with him and Jardel must be the start of an epic night. But we already know that for all heroes there always has to be a villain and the one who didn’t like this whole protagonist was Leandro, who hid in the back room and entered the house two days later.

The romantic singer entered with an aggressive attitude and assumed that he was there “to play and destroy the other competitors”. I don’t know which is worse, the North Korean hairstyle or Leandro’s futility. “If it were outside, it would be different,” says the musician in an interview with Bruno de Carvalho and uses a classic quote from all the tyrants in reality show history.

And he adds, after BdC indicated that he is not very intelligent, “If I had no intelligence, I would not enroll in Portuguese music as one of the greatest Portuguese singers”. By chance I called Portuguese Music to ask if they had received Leandro’s inscription and they replied that there was no one with that name yet. The former president of Sporting may not be a great DJ, but he can dance, he knows it.

When Cristina Ferreira asks him if he already knows one of Leandro’s songs, Bruno begins to sing a few verses with a delicious phrase: “What have I done to you … Bruno de Carvalho has already won”. Big, however, presented Marta Gil with a dilemma: stay in the locker room with Leandro for 24 hours or do not give Laura the opportunity to hear her daughter’s voice. Fearing that her mental health might be at risk at the end of the day, Marta decided not to give her colleague the benefit. I understand Marta, Laura is ready not to be in contact with the girl for a while, and she is not ready to hear Leandro Perlen say like “I’m going to be renumbered here, you’re going to be renumbered, we’re all going to be renumbered”.

Plus, it was always a risk because if it were my four year old daughter I already know I would spend this time asking if I could get a new floor and other inappropriate things too, so I think it’s Martha went well.

We also learned about the course of Kasha’s life, who admitted that it hurts her most when her grandfather asks her about the straw because she didn’t have the courage to tell her grandparents that she didn’t graduate from law school. Looking at Kasha I’d say the grandparents would really like to understand why he dresses like that hippie aunt who lives in Comporta and only shows up at funerals. “My heart wants to fall in love with me,” says Kasha, a name that means Gustavo Santos in the Swahili dialect.

This week’s nominees are Nuno Homem de Sá, Bruno de Carvalho and Leandro, in addition to Jay, who was directly nominated and whom I suspect he came in with the extras of the afternoon shows in the van and stayed there.

On this Sunday we also met the first candidate who was excluded from “Big Brother Famosos”. The audience’s choice fell on Hugo Tabaco, a situation that left Flávio Furtado ecstatic because he was finally able to settle the bill for that night 100 years ago when Hugo himself stopped him at the door of a disco. I always thought of Flávio’s face that it was gas. But no, it was just grudge.