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“Big Brother”: Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana have a strange love-hate relationship

“Big Brother”: Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana have a strange love-hate relationship

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest TVI reality show Gala.

Bruno and Liliana are still on the program.

Sunday was election day and there were results for all tastes, with the usual euphoria and disgust of the campaign’s main protagonists. António Costa’s dog – the Conxexional – doesn’t even think he’ll stay in São Bento for another “legislature”. The cat Zé Albino must have been even more depressed and needed a bowl of Whiskas Saquetas, Frankfurter Wurst taste.

The Acacia Rabbit, on the other hand, was outraged because now it has to share its food with 11 other creatures. The dog, Bala, was jumping for joy because she couldn’t stand the smell of people coming off the coat her owner wore throughout the campaign. Camões the cat will do an Erasmus course with Chicão’s modern cousin and PAN… he almost went with the pigs as he had spent the election campaign thinking about the death of the calf.

For this reason, and because Santana Lopes stayed until four in the morning to comment on the results, fearing journalists would interrupt him, the Big Brother Famosos gala has been moved to the night of this Tuesday, February 1st.

Still imbued with the electoral spirit, Big wanted to form his government and initially announced: “Some of you will take ministerial posts”. Earlier Cristina Ferreira spoke to the four nominees of the week and when she saw Jardel in his gym clothes she asked: “So it looks Jardel, what happened to the tuxedo? Do you think it will come out today?” To which the player replied: “Leaving here alive is already a victory”. Jardel, on “Big Brother,” feels like me going to the gym on intermittent fasting — coming home alive is a win.

The first to be saved tonight was singer Jorge Guerreiro, assigned to the Ministry of Equality. Big asked him to open a binder and 20 minutes after finally realizing the damn binder was opened, Jorge pulled out a card with a direct nomination he wanted to assign to Kasha because he had never been nominated.

However, in the BB Play movie of the week, we overheard Liliana commenting with her peers that she was already “full of Bruno”. Which is weird because he says such cute and uncontrolled things to her like, “I don’t want you to kiss or touch anyone but me.” Liliana and Bruno live in such a bipolar relationship where they sometimes love each other, sometimes hate each other.

“I’m ‘memo mad at you, Bruno, ‘memo bué’,” says Liliana. Cut to another session of loud insults. Cut to Liliana, who boldly sends “Fuck you” to Bruno’s face. I feel like this relationship has a great future and Bruno even admits in the confessional that they are friends.

Outside, however, there seem to be those who do not approve of this novel and make it known through mysterious aerial messages: “Bruno Miguel, there is life out here”. This emphatic use of both names can only be a message from the mother. Only mothers use “Miguel” after their first name to show their outrage. Anytime a sentence begins with (insert name) followed by the noun Michael, there’s a good chance someone’s ass will be whipped in the next few minutes.

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