Washington (AP) – The course has been set for a break with the politics and leadership style of the incumbent Donald Trump: US President-elect Joe Biden emphasized US leadership in presenting his foreign and security policy team.

“It’s a team that reflects America’s back, ready to lead the world instead of back down,” Biden said in Wilmington. It was a clear allusion to Trump’s “America First” dogma, which, not only according to Biden, cost the US a lot of prestige and isolated it.

On Tuesday, Biden presented an alternative to the government, which was voted out on November 3. With Trump, an outsider from the corporate world taking up residence in the White House in January 2017, there was little continuity in the cabinet given the numerous layoffs and layoffs. In other respects, too, Trump formed a style of government unprecedented for the US. Professional politician Biden relies on experience in the composition of his management team and on the political “establishment” that former businessman Trump abhorred.

Biden has nominated his old adviser Antony Blinken as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Alejandro Mayorkas, born in Cuba and working in the public service for nearly 20 years, becomes Secretary of Homeland Security. Avril Haines wants to make Biden the first director of the American secret services and Linda Thomas-Greenfield the American ambassador to the United Nations in New York.

The candidates nominated by Biden have yet to be ratified by the Senate, in which Democrats currently do not have a majority. His foreign and security policy team is not yet complete: Biden has not yet announced who he wants as defense secretary.

While Trump denounced international agreements, openly attacked allies such as Germany, and presented a fait accompli by going it alone, Blinken made it clear that the US depends on the support and partnership of other countries. “We can’t solve all the world’s problems alone, we have to work with other countries,” he said. Biden promised that Blinken would “restore morale and confidence in the State Department.” Thomas-Greenfield, who worked in the Foreign Service for 35 years, also had a message ready: “America is back. Multilateralism is back. Diplomacy is back. “

Haines also seemed to allude to Trump’s presidency when she told Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris, “I know … you chose us not to serve you, but to stand for the American people. “Critics have repeatedly accused Trump of using his power to pursue personal interests. Haines said she never shied away from telling the truth to those in power.

Biden rejected the statement that – given many familiar faces – it was, in fact, some sort of third term in office of former President Barack Obama, among whom he was Vice President of the US from 2009 to 2017. “We face a completely different world,” Biden told NBC. “President Trump has changed the landscape.” His motto “America first” made “America alone”. The US should be a “coalition builder” again.

The 78-year-old called on the United States Senate to initiate the necessary confirmation process for his candidates and hear them as soon as possible. According to media reports, he wants to place former head of the central bank Janet Yellen at the head of the treasury. Biden expressed the hope of two-pronged cooperation to move the country forward and unite.

Trump still hasn’t admitted his defeat at Biden. The transition process before the change of government in the White House has now officially started after a week-long blockade. Biden welcomed a corresponding decision by the responsible GSA authority on Monday that would allow for a “smooth and peaceful change of power,” Biden said. The White House has now also approved Biden’s daily briefing of US intelligence agencies.

Biden wants to lead the US back to international agreements such as the Paris climate agreement. John Kerry, designated for climate change, said, “To end this crisis, the whole world must come together.” Kerry appealed to the international community to negotiate ambitious deals at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021. “Otherwise, we will all fail together – and failure is not an option.”

Biden announced to NBC that in the first 100 days of his tenure, he would also begin reforming the U.S. immigration system and repealing Trump’s environmental regulations. He will depend on cooperation with Congress. Biden also said that, unlike Trump, he will not use the Justice Department to investigate his political opponent.

Domestically, Biden’s greatest immediate challenge is likely to be coping with the deadly corona pandemic and the economic crisis it caused. Recently, there were an average of nearly 170,000 new corona infections per day. In addition, by the end of last week, 778,000 people in the US had filed new claims for unemployment benefits, as the Department of Labor announced on Wednesday. This means that about 20.5 million people recently received some form of unemployment benefit – a year earlier that was only 1.5 million people.