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Biden’s Contrast Program – Everything New at the White House | Free press

Washington (AP) – For millions of Americans, but also for some Europeans, these images symbolize the end of a nightmare: the outgoing US President Trump climbs into Air Force One for the last time and leaves for Florida, three hours later Joe Biden becomes sworn in at the Capitol.

In the recent past, only his former boss, US President Barack Obama, when he replaced George W. Bush in the White House in 2009, has received more praise than Biden. Biden is already praised for promising things like fairness and transparency – because nothing was taken for granted under Trump.


In recent months, the world power has produced US headlines usually more widely known from developing countries: a president clinging to power (while his secretary of state urges other states to respect the rules of the democratic game); Courtiers in government and parliament who spread the crudest conspiracy theories that make sense; fanatical supporters of the establishment who resort to violence because their idol has lost a democratic election; and the low point was the storming of parliament, which amounts to an attempted coup d’état.


Against this background, what Biden said when he was sworn in on Wednesday doesn’t seem like an exaggeration: “Democracy has triumphed.” In the first hours after taking office, Biden not only reversed some of Trump’s controversial decisions. At the start, it also offers a radical contrast program. While Trump has barely engaged in government affairs in recent weeks, Biden is going full throttle. Hours after moving to the White House on Wednesday, he signed far more than a dozen orders; things continued at the same pace on Thursday.


Many of the measures are aimed at the fight against the coronavirus, in which Trump recently appeared to have lost all interest. Controlling the pandemic is the most urgent task for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Your national strategy for this “is based on science, not politics, it’s based on truth, not denial,” Biden said Thursday. “Our plan is mainly to restore public confidence.” In the corona crisis, experts such as the leading immunologist Anthony Fauci are said to be increasingly informing the population in the future.


Trump had appointed Fauci to the White House task force, but then pushed him on the sidelines because he hated the expert’s ruthless analyzes and warnings. “People are tired of hearing Fauci and these idiots,” protested the then president in October. Trump is notorious for relying on his gut feeling more than scientific expertise. His public deliberation on whether people should inject coronavirus disinfectants has not been forgotten.


For the first time under the Biden government, Fauci will appear before the press on Thursday. Finally, when the journalists keep asking him how it differs from the old government, he says: «The idea that you can stand here and talk about what you know, what is the evidence, what is science (…) kind of liberating feeling. Something else is different: “One of the innovations in this administration is not to guess if you don’t have an answer.” He agreed with Biden to “be completely transparent, open and honest when things go wrong.” Instead putting the blame on someone else would correct mistakes.

Fauci is respected far beyond the borders of the US. Before sunrise in Washington, he took part in a video slot for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva on Thursday. The 80-year-old announced that his country would join the international corona vaccination initiative Covax. The day before, Biden halted the US withdrawal from the WHO initiated by Trump with one of his first decisions.


Biden has also reviewed the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement initiated by Trump. Trump claimed in 2012 that climate change was a Chinese invention to harm the US economy. Time and again Trump spoke out during cold spells to scoff at where global warming had gone. Senator Ted Cruz has now proven that the views of his allies are not necessarily more substantiated. He blames Biden for being more interested in the views of Parisians than American jobs in Pittsburgh – as if the climate deal had the French capital to its name, not just because it was passed there in late 2015.


Biden demands that his employees treat each other with respect – it was not common with Trump, on the contrary: the Republican fired employees via tweet and was never too good to be insulted. He called his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “stupid”, his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions “a disaster”, and his former Secretary of Defense James Mattis “the most overrated general in our country”. Biden warns that anyone who doesn’t respect colleagues will be fired immediately. “Everyone, really everyone, has the right to be treated with decent and dignity.”


There is also a new tone towards journalists. During her first press conference, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that she would “bring truth and transparency back to the briefing room.” There will be times when she and the reporters disagree, Psaki says. It’s part of our democracy. ”Trump thought it an insult when journalists disagreed with his opinion or showed him one of his countless lies. He then spoke of all people about “fake news” and blamed the critical media as “enemies of the people”.


As a person, Democrat and longtime Senator Biden has also been honored by Republicans. Senator Lindsey Graham – who later became one of Trump’s closest confidants and got into a falling out with Biden – told the Huffington Post in 2015, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, you’ve got a problem.” Biden is the nicest person I’ve ever met in politics. However, the new president may have a thin skin, as the election campaign showed. When a voter approached him about his son Hunter’s questionable – and to this day not quite clarified – foreign business deals, Joe Biden scolded, “You’re a fucking liar, man.”


Given Trump’s behavior, it will not be an art for Biden to continue to positively distinguish himself from his predecessor. However, he will not be measured by whether he is personal, social and cordial, but whether he can deliver on his promises of bringing the pandemic under control, reviving the economy, bringing the nation together and re-establishing relations with allies such as Germany – to name just a few of the main goals.


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