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Biden: Whoever keeps silent makes himself an accomplice | Free press

Eight people were shot in attacks on three massage parlors, and six of the fatalities were of Asian descent. Joe Biden is now calling for a commitment against racism in Atlanta.

Washington (AP) – Following the fatal attacks on several Asian massage parlors in the Atlanta area, US President Joe Biden condemned hatred and racism in the strongest possible terms.

“We have to change our hearts. Hatred cannot have a safe haven in America. It has to stop, ”Biden shouted on a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, in the south of the United States. The Democrat also called for discrimination and racism not to be left unchallenged and thus not to be tolerated. “Because our silence makes us complicit. We should not be accomplices, ”emphasized Biden. Racism is an “ugly poison” that has haunted the United States for too long.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, whose mother once immigrated to the United States from India, met with representatives of the Asian community in Atlanta. “Racism is a fact in America and always has been,” said Harris. “Xenophobia is and always has been a fact in America, as is sexism.” All people should be viewed as Americans, not members of any particular group, she said. “To wrong someone is to wrong us all,” Harris warned.

The deadly series of attacks in Georgia had caused a shock and revived the debate in the United States about increasing discrimination against Americans of Asian descent. After ex-President Donald Trump often referred to the coronavirus as the ‘China virus’, many American citizens of Asian descent reported being increasingly exposed to hostility and violence.

Eight people were shot dead in three massage parlors in and around Atlanta on Tuesday. Six of the eight fatalities were of Asian descent and seven were women. One man survived seriously injured. A 21-year-old white man confessed to the actions. According to the police, he said he was not acting for racist motives. He cited sex addiction as the motivation for the brutal attacks and the goal to eradicate the “temptation” through massage parlors. However, police stressed on Wednesday that it was too early to make clear statements about the motive of the crime and whether it was a hate crime. The prosecutor’s office accuses the arrested person of murder and serious bodily harm.

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