Biden “very concerned” about North Korea’s nuclear program | Free press


The American head of state and his South Korean colleague Moon Jae In want to persuade Pyongyang to leave the nuclear program through diplomatic means.

Washington (AP) – The US and South Korea are “very concerned” about communist North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and want to rely on a “diplomatic” solution. US President Joe Biden said this during a joint press conference with his South Korean colleague Moon Jae In at the White House.

Talks with Pyongyang should be about “taking pragmatic steps that will ease tension as we move towards our ultimate goal of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula,” Biden said. “We have no illusions about how difficult it is,” admitted the US president. Biden also announced the appointment of a North Korean envoy, US diplomat Sung Kim.

Moon welcomed the appointment of the special envoy and the US government’s willingness to use diplomatic channels to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. “I have high hopes,” he said, according to a White House translator. The goal is to achieve lasting peace, he added.

Biden promised to coordinate the course towards North Korea closely with South Korea. Biden described the “iron” alliance between the United States and South Korea as the “fulcrum for peace, security and prosperity” in the region.

The US and South Korea want to convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program. As a result, North Korea has been subject to international sanctions and is largely diplomatically isolated. The US has thousands of soldiers stationed in South Korea.

Due to the corona pandemic, the meeting with Moon was only the second visit by a foreign head of state or government to the White House since Biden took office in late January. In April, Biden received Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

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