Biden: Tightening electoral law is an attack on democracy | free press


In the US, voting rights are determined by the states. Republican-ruled states in particular make it difficult for minorities to vote. President Biden sees democracy in jeopardy.

Philadelphia (AP) – The tightening of the electoral law initiated by Republicans in many states is an “attack on democracy” according to US President Joe Biden.

The purpose of the laws is for fewer and fewer people to vote, Democrat Biden warned. The efforts are un-American, undemocratic and unpatriotic, Biden emphasized in a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Aren’t you ashamed?” the president asked, addressing the Republicans. The undermining of the right to free and fair elections is the “most important challenge” to democracy since the American Civil War.

“We must act,” Biden demanded. He promised to work on electoral law reform that has been blocked by Republicans in the Senate. Republicans planned to invalidate votes at their discretion. “They want to have the opportunity to reject the end result and ignore the will of the voters if their preferred candidate loses,” Biden said.

In the US, voting rights, which are formed by the states, are extremely competitive. Many Republican-ruled states have already passed or are pushing for regulations that critics say would make voting more difficult. When barriers to voting are higher, minority groups in the US tend to stay at home — and these populations are often more likely to vote for Democrats. Republicans, on the other hand, say their only concern is to make election fraud more difficult.