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US President Biden faces the withdrawal of US troops despite the triumphant advance of the Taliban. He was against “endless military operations”. He sends a threat to the Taliban.

Washington (AP) – US President Joe Biden has threatened the Taliban with “a swift and strong” military response in the event of an attack on US forces.

This applies to any Taliban action in Afghanistan that would endanger US personnel or their mission, Biden said at the White House.

Biden backs US withdrawal

Despite the Taliban’s swift takeover, Biden has defended the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan that he ordered. He said he was determined to make his decision. It wouldn’t have made a difference if US troops had stayed in Afghanistan a little longer, he said. This too could not have changed the lack of fighting spirit of the Afghan security forces. He was against “endless military operations,” Biden stressed.

It was Biden’s first public statement since the militant Islamist Taliban took power in Afghanistan and the capital Kabul. He also stressed that the original goal of the US operation in Afghanistan, the eradication of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda after the September 11, 2001 attacks, had long been achieved.

Biden announced in the spring that the roughly 2,500 remaining soldiers would leave Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the attacks. Most recently, the withdrawal date was brought forward to the end of August. However, in anticipation of the advance of the Taliban, the US military has been back since last week to secure the evacuation of embassy personnel, US citizens and former Afghan US military personnel. The US military plans to have up to 6,000 soldiers stationed at Kabul airport soon.

Allegations against Afghanistan’s leadership

After the triumphant advance of the Taliban, Biden made serious accusations against Afghanistan’s impotent political leadership and armed forces. “Afghanistan’s political leaders have given up and fled the country,” he said. “The Afghan army has collapsed, sometimes without trying to fight.”

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