Biden puts climate protection at the heart of US foreign policy | Free press

Washington (AP) – The new US President Joe Biden makes climate protection a central part of the foreign and security policy of the US global power. Biden signed a corresponding order, as well as other orders intended to advance his ambitious climate protection policy.

“We have waited too long with this climate crisis. We can’t wait any longer, ”said Biden. “It’s time to take action.” The Democrat – who re-labeled climate change as an “existential threat” – marks a new break with the politics of his Republican predecessor Donald Trump with his new measures.

Trump had repeatedly expressed doubts about climate change. He announced US membership in the Paris Climate Agreement. On his first day in office, January 20, Biden began a return to the agreement that the United States will be back to on February 19. The new president stressed Wednesday, “We urgently need a unified national response to the climate crisis.” The US should put itself at the forefront of the global climate protection movement because it couldn’t handle the threat on its own.

“This presidential decree, which I sign today, also makes it official that climate change will be at the center of our national security and foreign policy,” said Biden.

The order orders US intelligence coordinator Avril Haines to prepare a report on the security effects of climate change. In addition, the Biden administration confirmed that the US will play a leading role in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. According to the White House, Biden plans to convene an international climate summit on April 22 – the format of the summit is still open.

Biden stressed, “We will listen to the science.” In a memorandum he signed on Wednesday, he ordered federal authorities to be guided by scientific findings in their decisions. The influence of politics on science must be limited. “Excessive political interference in the scientific process, in the work of scientists and in the communication of scientific facts undermines the well-being of the nation, contributes to structural inequalities and injustice, and violates public confidence,” said the White House .

Biden has appointed ex-Secretary of State John Kerry as Special Envoy on Climate, a member of the National Security Council at the White House. “The world will measure us against what we can do here at home,” said Kerry on Wednesday. “Not only can you solve the problem, but what we do makes a huge difference.” Kerry emphasized that there can be no more at stake in climate protection than is now the case. Now it is time to make up for the past four years that have been lost. Biden also criticized the “damage” done under President Trump’s previous administration.

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