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Biden fears war over cyberattacks | free press

If there is war, it is because of a “serious cyber injury”. During a visit to the secret service coordination ODNI, US President Biden warned of a war due to cyber attacks.

Washington (AP) – US President Joe Biden has warned of war following a large-scale cyberattack.

“If we end up in a war, a real war with a great power, then as a result of a major cyber violation,” he said on his first visit to the Office of the Coordination of the Intelligence Service (ODNI) since taking office. the White House speech. “And the possibilities (for such a cyber attack) are increasing exponentially,” he added.

Biden doesn’t want to ‘politicize’ secret services

According to media reports, Biden spoke with about 120 employees of the ODNI, which oversees 17 US intelligence agencies. At the same time, he promised never to “politicize” the work of the ODNI. His Republican predecessor Donald Trump had in some cases sharply criticized the secret services and, for example, called into question the findings of the American secret services about Russian interference in the American elections in 2016. In doing so, he deceived his own people.

The US government and several allies recently blamed communist China for “irresponsible malicious cyber activities”. The allegations also came from the European Union, Britain, NATO and other partners. The US sees, among others, China behind the attack on the e-mail software Exchange Server of the American group Microsoft in March.

Cyber ​​threat continues to grow

“We have seen cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, that are increasingly capable of causing damage and disruption in the real world,” said Biden. And literally: “I can’t guarantee that, and you’re as well aware as I am, but I think there’s a greater chance that we’ll — well, if we get into a war, a real war with a lot of power.” , than as a result of a major cyber attack.”


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