Biden discusses situation in Kabul with national security team | free press


Current developments in Afghanistan are also a cause for concern in Washington. US Chief of Staff Mark Milley sees further dangers for the future.

Washington (AP) – US President Joe Biden has discussed the current security situation in Kabul with his national security team.

It involved the evacuation of civilian personnel, Afghan aid workers and other allies from Afghanistan, the White House Twitter account reported Sunday afternoon (local time). Vice President Kamala Harris was also there for the video swap.

Biden is currently staying at Camp David, the US president’s country retreat in the US state of Maryland. Further details about the video switch were initially unknown. It was also unclear whether Biden would publicly respond to the news on Sunday.

Warning for terrorist groups

US Chief of Staff Mark Milley reportedly warned during a phone call with senators that terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda could regroup in Afghanistan much faster than expected. The broadcaster CNN and the news portal Axios reported this unanimously on Sunday, citing participants.

During the telephone conversation between senior government officials and senators from both parties, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken is said to have again defended the withdrawal plans. “We have and will continue to have significant capabilities to deal with a re-emerging terrorist threat from Afghanistan,” he said in an interview with NBC on Sunday morning.

Due to the advance of the militant Islamist Taliban, the United States began evacuating its embassy in Kabul and transferring personnel to the airport over the weekend. A large part has to be flown out from there. CNN broadcaster reported on Sunday afternoon that the embassy evacuation had been completed. However, there was no official confirmation. The process was actually expected to take several days.