Biden calls for unity in the fight against Corona | Free press


Washington / Wilmington (dpa) – Elected US President Joe Biden has called on Americans to unite in the fight against the corona pandemic.

“I know the country has grown tired of fighting. We cannot forget that we are at war with the virus, not with each other, not with each other, ”said Biden in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden addressed the Americans in admonition this Thursday on the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday. Families and friends usually gather for big Thanksgiving parties. Biden again called on the Americans to refrain from this because of the corona risk. Given the “dramatic increase” in new infections, Biden called for a “doubling” of efforts to contain the pandemic.

“We have months ahead of us in this fight,” said Biden. At the same time, he tried to inspire confidence. “If you look back at our history, you will see that the soul of our nation was forged under the most difficult of circumstances.”

Biden warned that the number of new infections detected from the current 160,000 per day will soon rise to 200,000 and could overburden healthcare in some places. Every American should do his part, for example by wearing masks, observing distance rules and avoiding crowds. In the country of about 330 million inhabitants, about 12.7 million infections have been diagnosed since the start of the pandemic and more than 261,000 deaths have been reported from an infection.

Democrat Biden won the Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the November 3 election. Biden will be sworn in as the new president on January 20. In his speech, he indirectly criticized Trump for questioning the election results. “Our democracy was tested this year,” said Biden. “In America we have full and fair and free elections. And then we accept the results. “

Trump, meanwhile, held on to his baseless statement that he had won the presidential election. “Elections have been lost by the Democrats. You cheated, ”Trump said at a gathering of Republican senators in the US state of Pennsylvania. “We have to reverse the election.” According to reports in the American media, Trump was originally supposed to be present in Gettysburg in person. However, he was eventually connected with his lawyer Jenna Ellis, who held her smartphone up to a microphone to amplify Trump’s voice.

The president presents himself as a victim of widespread electoral fraud, although he has never been able to provide any evidence and his attorneys have failed with more than 30 lawsuits in court. “We just need a judge who really listens to us,” Trump complained.

On November 7, as usual in the United States, Biden was declared the winner of the election by the American media. The states are now gradually confirming the election results – Pennsylvania, where Biden won, has already done so.

The American president is indirectly elected by the people. The votes of the voters in each state determine the composition of the electoral college that elects the president on December 14. A majority of 538 voters are needed to win – Biden can count on 306 voters. The transition process before the change of power in the White House has officially begun. Biden will be sworn in on January 20.