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Beware, if you receive this email it is phishing

The method is well known but still requires victims. This time it is about Netflix subscribers who receive an email from the platform to renew the services. Apart from the fact that it has been a phishing campaign since the end of November, which usurps the identity of the website in order to recover your banking details and force you to validate a transaction. We’ll explain it to you.

Request your username and bank details

As usual, it always starts with receiving an email informing you that there was a payment problem and the platform subscription has been canceled. To be part of the customer again, you will need to reactivate your subscription.

Each time, the clever people behind this phishing campaign made sure to manipulate the display so that Netflix was shown as the sender. However, if we focus on the email address, we can clearly see that the email is absolutely not from there, not the SVOD giant.

Our colleagues from Numerama still clicked the link to conduct the investigation. If you are the recipient of this email, click on nothing and delete the message.

The hackers therefore make the victim believe that there is an urgent need to act urgently so that their account is not permanently deleted. Clicking the link will open a page that does a “Check Your Username Details” page with a giant Netflix logo on it.

A fictitious upload leads to a payment form for Netflix France. And here you have to be extremely careful. Because if you’ve shared the IDs of your Netflix account, it doesn’t pose a great risk, as pirates only have access to your history from films and series that you have seen, but here with your bank details, a site that does not belong to Netflix is much riskier.

As soon as your card number has been entered in the form, you will receive a confirmation code for the process on your smartphone. Therefore, hackers can collect the requested amount.

Always be careful with this type of email

As with any phishing attempt, if you clicked the link without entering any information, don’t worry. However, if you have given your bank card number, you will need to file an objection with your bank. After all, we cannot repeat it enough: attention is the key word. As soon as you receive a bizarre email, check it in detail (spelling, grammar, domain name, email address …) and consult your account directly through the official application or website. On these help pages, Netflix also invites you to forward the relevant email to phishing@netflix.com.


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