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Beth starts new board games

The Lady’s Game is the current series of events. This created a real passion for chess for some. But if Beth had started another activity, what would she have given?

Netflix also begs the question

Anya Taylor-Joy played the brilliant role of the brilliant Beth Harmon. Her performance as an actress in particular made it possible to breathe life into a universe that has likely managed to unite in the rigorous world of chess. But everything could have been very different.

Netflix then imagined what Beth’s parts would look like if she were interested in another board game. Power 4, Monopoly, Qui-est-ce or even Doctor Nutty … luck smiles at Beth even when playing such crazy games.

1) Pussance 4: “Did he really think he would hit her that easily?”

2) Monopoly: “Beth also knows how to manage her finances”

3) Who-Is-It: “You must have already guessed who it was”

4) Nutty Doctor: “A Successful Operation for Beth”

5) Kapla: “We tell you the tower won’t collapse anytime soon.”


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