Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 Map In CS:GO (May 2022)

Best smoke spots on Dust 2 Map in CS: GO is without a doubt one of the most popular questions buzzing around. Counter-Strike is counted among the leading multiplayer first-person shooter game of the past 10 years.

In CSGO, players can try out different maps and venues, but by far the most popular is Dust 2. Fans of CSGO like the Dust 2 map because it has a simple but fun layout that both new and experienced players can enjoy.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need to know where the best Smoke Spots are on the Dust 2 map. If you know where the best Smoke spots are on Dust 2 in CSGO, you can throw Smokes at the right time to blind your opponent.

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We’ve made a list of the best Smoke spots on Dust 2 map in CS:GO that players are using right now to make your job easier.

10 Best Smoke Spots on Dust 2 Map In CS:GO

1. XBOX Smoke

In CS:Dust GO’s 2 map, the box next to the catwalk that lets players easily jump up to A Short is called the XBOX spot. It can be seen when going down T Ramp toward mid doors. Some people might wonder what this smoke spot means. Many CS:GO players have died when they tried to get into A Short from Top Mid without it.

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To make this smoke, the player needs to be outside of Long Tunnels, near Top Mid, where they can line up their crosshair with the left side of the arched shadow.

2. A Long Smoke

A Long is a popular place for both terrorists and counter-terrorists to go in CS: GO. As a counter-terrorist, a player can usually get to A Long much faster than a terrorist to stop them from flooding the area. So, it is always best to throw a smoke grenade to stop counter-terrorists from getting a first look and to give terrorists who are trying to break in advantage.

3. Cross Smoke

To do this, you will need to work with your teammates. All you have to do is throw grenades from two different directions to block the area and make a place for you and your team to work.

4. T Spawn To A Short Smoke

For this smoke to work, the player must get into the corner near T Spawn. Then, the CS: GO player has to line up the crosshair and do a running jump throw. The smoke will be there to hide the terrorists crossing over to A Short.

5. Mid To B

You can plan your strategy so that when AWP tries to cross your line of sight, you throw a smoke grenade at CT Spawn in the Dust 2 at just the right time.

6. Retake B smoke spots in Dust 2

In CS: GO, this is where you block all the enemies at the B entrance. To do this, go to T spawn, hide, and throw smoke at the entrance to B.

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7. B Smoke Spots on Dusty 2 Map

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, walk forward from T spawn until you reach the upper tunnel of B Entrance and plant a smoke to get rid of enemies at B window.

8. CT Crossing Smoke

It takes a lot of practice and accuracy to pull off the CT smoke because it depends on how long the player runs before throwing the smoke grenade. The first thing the player has to do is find this tile in A Long. Then, they need to line up the crosshair with the roof just above the golden tooth logo and run quickly before throwing it.

9. A Stairs

smoke spots in Dust 2

Go to Palace Alley and take the first step. Turn right and you’ll see a wooden building on the platform. Hide behind it and put down smoke to block the way to the A stairs on the Dust 2 map.

10. Lower Tunnel Lurk smoke spots in Dust 2

This is one of the best places to smoke that can help you get into the Lower Tunnel from CT Spaw or CT Mid. To launch, all you have to do is hide behind the double doors in Mid and put a smoke bomb on the entrance to the Lower Tunnel.

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That’s all about the 10 Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 Map In CS:GO. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found it worthwhile. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!!

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