Best Runic Attacks for all weapons in God of War Ragnarok

God of Struggle Ragnarok’s fight is likely one of the greatest components of the sport, the place you’ve gotten continuous brutal however technical violence. In addition to your new weapon abilities, motion talents, and methods, you can even use highly effective Runic Assaults. Every weapon can have two of those, one for mild and heavy assaults of that weapon.

All of them have cooldowns and may be enhanced with EXP, however some merely stand out as superior in God of Struggle Ragnarok. Kratos prompts these assaults by holding L1, then urgent R1 or R2, relying on which assault you wish to make the most of.

Whereas all of them are satisfying and enjoyable to make use of, the next part dives into the perfect of every of Kratos’ weapons in God of Struggle Ragnarok.

Discover these wonderful Runic Assaults in God of Struggle Ragnarok

1) Leviathan Axe

  • Gentle Runic assault: Winter’s Chew
  • Heavy Runic assault: Fog of Fimbulwinter

The primary weapon Kratos begins with is the Leviathan Axe. The very first Runic assault you unlock within the sport is a superb choice to start with. You unlock this shortly after your defend is shattered in battle. Winter’s Chew is a dashing assault the place you cost ice across the axe and strike a goal with nice power. Rising its degree additionally will increase the Frost standing it dea withls.


Fog of Fimbulwinter is your heavy assault choice. It is a simple strike, that releases an enormous ice wave that inflicts Frost harm and freezes all enemies caught within the path. Leveling it up will increase the wave’s length, harm, and Frost aspect. That is unlocked in the course of the “Forging Future” chapter of God of Struggle Ragnarok, in a Legendary Chest.

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2) Blades of Chaos

  • Gentle Runic assault: Flames of Anguish
  • Heavy Runic assault: Helios Flare

These God of Struggle Ragnarok assaults deal nice harm and are perfect for wielding the long-range weapons of Kratos. As soon as once more, your mild Runic assault is unlocked all through the sport. Flames of Anguish scorches enemies with the Blades of Chaos, uppercutting them, and making a fiery geyser.

It launches enemies, which lets you arrange a number of devastating follow-up combos. Leveling it up will increase the Burn standing considerably and the variety of fiery eruptions it creates.


For heavy Runic Assaults, you will seemingly need Helios Flare. It is a precision strike that slows down time. Kratos conjures a long-range fireplace bolt that inflicts burns and offers respectable harm. If you happen to’re combating somebody that is not particularly cell, this can be a transfer for you. You too can proceed holding R1 at greater ranges, including an incredible last explosion on the finish.

One of many Legendary Chests within the Deserted Village of Vanaheim will function this chest. It is a reward for fixing the non-compulsory wood crane puzzle after Fiske.

3) Draupnir

  • Gentle Runic assault: Thrust of a Thousand Troopers
  • Heavy Runic assault: Artillery of the Ancients

Your last weapon in God of Struggle Ragnarok is the Draupnir spear, a long-range, wind-infused weapon. It is quick and devastating, and so are its Runic Assaults in God of Struggle Ragnarok.


If you happen to open the Legendary Chest in Helheim on the principle path whereas going by means of the “Reunion” story, you will discover Thrust of a Thousand Spears. It creates a flurry of stabs, with Draupnir embedding them into the enemy. Urgent R1 offers extra strikes.

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Artillery of the Ancients will probably be your go-to for heavy Runic Assaults on the Draupnir. You may unlock it in the course of the “Creatures of Prophecy” mission so you will not miss out on it. This triggers earlier than you meet Freya at Freyr’s camp.

A tough-hitting assault, it rains down Draupnir spears from the sky. Leveling it up will increase the amount and length of your rain of destruction. It is unbelievable to make use of whereas getting into fight to maintain your foes always taking harm.

There are different Runic weapon assaults in God of Struggle Ragnarok, after all, however these are those which might be probably the most potent and highly effective. Use whichever fits your playstyle and scenario, however these assaults will all the time be helpful.

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