Best Orisa counters in Overwatch 2 (Season 2)

Overwatch 2’s metagame has seen many modifications all through the interval it has been out available in the market. Nevertheless, one of many returning Tanks, Orisa, continues to dominate the battlefield.

She makes a speciality of pushing previous opposition to nook and crush them. With talents like Javelin Spin, Fortify, and Power Javelin, she will break up enemy ranks whereas boasting insane survivability.

She turns into much more harmful when accompanied by a very good Assist that may preserve her well being up. As such, Orisa is the go-to for a lot of Tank gamers in Overwatch 2. Given her wonderful efficiency in fight, gamers may be questioning what characters they need to decide to counter her.

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5 Overwatch 2 heroes to counter Orisa’s moveset and playstyle

1) Widowmaker

Given Orisa’s Tank nature, characters that may assault from afar whereas hitting laborious on the identical time are the go-to counters for her. Widowmaker excels on this mission due to her extremely highly effective hits that may oneshot any non-Tank heroes — towards Orisa, that is slightly over two absolutely charged hits.

Snipers basically make for efficient measures in stopping the Tank from dominating. They will fairly actually achieve greater floor as a consequence of movesets (like Widow’s grappling hook) that permit scaling vertical areas like roooftops, the place Orisa can’t every.

The simplest approach to take her down is thru her modestly giant hitbox (particularly on the top in comparison with different Tanks), and Widow could make fast work of her very quickly. Different long-range characters like Hanzo can work effectively too.

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2) Sojourn


Top-of-the-line DPS characters in Overwatch 2, Sojourn is a no brainer when going up towards Orisa. Whereas her Railgun’s regular fireplace must be motive sufficient for any poor soul discovering themselves in her crosshair, her alt-fire completes the job by performing as a “delete opponent” button.

Attacking foes with commonplace projectiles fills up the railgun’s cost and at 100, it may well wipe out massive chunks of enemies’ well being, together with Tanks. Throw in her area-of-effect Disruptor Shot, which offers damage-over-time for foes caught in its radius, and the poor “horse” might discover herself on the dropping finish.

3) Zarya

One other superb Tank within the sport, Zarya’s attacking beam from her Particle Cannon is the important thing to victory right here. It could actually harm Orisa by her protecting Javelin Spin, and the previous’s self-shield (utilizing Particle Barrier) ought to assist soak up assaults from the quadpedal tank.

One other benefit Zarya has is that her vitality beam positive aspects extra harm when her Barrier is hit by enemy projectiles. So, gamers can double down on the offense and be defensive on the identical time. Nevertheless, they need to be differ of the downtime between Barrier cooldowns as that could be a good window for Orisa to push towards Zarya.

4) Bastion

Sooo Bastion may be my subsequent gold weapon on Overwatch 2. I have been having enjoyable enjoying Bastion and Symmetra in ranked currently!😎

Overwatch 2’s bubbly robotic is a neat little beast in its personal proper, regardless of a large hitbox and an absence of common manuverability. Bastion’s Assault Mode can soften Tanks simply, due to its extremely excessive fireplace charge, particularly when the opponent is stored occupied by different allies.

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The Assault configuration additionally grants the hero 20% discount to break taken, which ought to assist with tanking Orisa’s personal projectiles. Though she will counter the previous’s assaults with Javelin Spin, gamers can watch for the defensive transfer to complete after which unload.

They will maybe chuck the Tactical Grenade for good measure to make sure Orisa is completed off, particularly if she makes use of Fortify to achieve additional tenporary heath.

5) Zenyatta

Be one with the universe 🌌Management time with the Zenyatta Clockwork (Legendary) pores and skin, obtainable in lower than 2.5 hours in Overwatch 2!

We’ve not talked about Helps as counters in Overwatch 2 but and sure, they are often essential in making or breaking a sport. Some may even assist cope with tanks like Orisa, similar to Zenyatta.

He offers fairly good harm for a support-focused hero, and his Orb of Discord makes it in order that the goal takes elevated harm. Chuck one at Orisa and she is going to go down very quickly, significantly with the allies’ assist. Nevertheless, his personal charged projectiles may help whittle down her well being simply.

That’s all gamers have to know to counter Orisa in Overwatch 2.

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