Best Ghost Rider build (deck) in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns includes a wholesome dose of turn-based superhero motion, complemented by a large roster of heroes from Marvel Comics, led by the player-controlled Hunter.

One such hero, the main focus of this text, is Ghost Rider Robert “Robbie” Reyes, the fifth iteration from the comics. This information will element the very best deck construct for him within the recreation.

Word: Minor spoilers for Marvel’s Midnight Suns will comply with. Viewer discretion is suggested.

The very best playing cards for Ghost Rider in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Robbie is an fascinating character to play with in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and presents a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. He can deal harm at the price of a sure share of his well being and favors a extra aggressive strategy.


The best deck for this Ghost Rider is detailed as follows:

1) Lash

This specific card exchanges 17 harm to Ghost Rider for a Forceful Knockback in any chosen route.

This one may be upgraded to Lash+ for 2 duplicates of the identical card and 30 Assault Essence from the Yard. The attribute of Fast is added towards 50 self-damage.

2) Hellmouth

Hellmouth creates a Drop and applies an elevated likelihood to Okay.O. enemies for as much as two turns. Using this card will grant two Heroism.

The cardboard may be upgraded to Hellmouth+ in change for 2 duplicates of the identical and 30 Talent Essence. The improve provides 1 Strengthened stat.

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3) Straight to Hell

This specific card will substitute Ghost Rider with a Drop till the subsequent flip begins and inflicts the standing impact of “Closing.” It will possibly generate 2 Heroism when used.

Upgrading this card requires two duplicates and Talent Essence from the Yard to get well 34 well being for Ghost Rider. The upgraded type is known as Straight to Hell+.

4) Drain Soul

This heroic card may be chained twice and inflicts Lifesteal on enemies. Moreover, it bestows an additional chain of heroism on all different Drain Soul playing cards. Drain soul offers eight harm and prices 1 Heroism to forged.

This card may be upgraded to Drain Soul+ by exchanging two duplicates of itself and 40 Heroic Essence. The improve provides a Full Combo, rewarding 1 extra soul to Ghost Rider and dealing 22 harm.

5) Hell’s Fury

An epic card for Ghost Rider, Hell’s Fury will increase harm by 64 factors when Ghost Rider is broken by an enemy assault or self-damage. It prices 1 Heroism to play.

The cardboard is upgradeable to Hell’s Fury + in change for 2 duplicates and Heroic Essence from the Yard. It’ll deal 112 harm after the improve.

6) Hell’s Experience

Utilizing this card will deal harm to every enemy in a straight line. It’ll additionally finish your flip. Hell’s Experience prices 1 Heroism and inflicts 33 harm.

It may be upgraded to Hell Experience+ towards two duplicates and 40 Heroic Essence. Upgrading this card will deal 70 harm as an alternative whereas costing 3 Heroism.

Who’s the Ghost Rider?

Robbie Reyes is the playable Ghost Rider in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The hero is among the extra mechanically fascinating characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as he’s joined by his Spirit of Vengeance, Sparky, throughout battles.

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Sparky can chain assaults, dealing big quantities of harm in change for his personal HP. Moreover, he can open up a pit within the depths of Hell that may immediately knock out enemies when pushed into it.


Ghost Rider is extremely helpful towards massive teams of foes however requires cautious planning, as his skills additionally trigger self-damage.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was launched on December 2, 2022, worldwide.

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