Best end-game build for Red Hood in Gotham Knights

Launched for the PC, Xbox Collection X/S, and PlayStation 5 on October 21, 2022, Gotham Knights options 4 members of the Bat household as they battle in opposition to the legal underworld of Gotham after the demise of Batman.

Specializing in ranged assaults and hand-to-hand fight, Jason Todd aka Pink Hood is a superb choose for gamers seeking to dish vengeance on the streets of Gotham.

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Pink Hood is a drive to be reckoned with in Gotham Knights

Pink Hood possesses essentially the most distinctive playstyle among the many Knights, preferring to make use of ranged assaults whereas concurrently with the ability to dish out highly effective melee combos.


Maintaining that in thoughts, right here is the most effective Pink Hood construct for the endgame:

  • Momentum Means: Spoilsport Reload – It permits Pink Hood to dish out robust AoE injury. Extremely helpful for crowd management, it mainly permits Jason to throw exploding magazines at enemies.
  • Momentum Means: Mystical Rounds – This momentum skill removes the necessity of aiming when taking pictures as Pink Hood. The power permits you to hearth rounds that routinely lock onto enemies, dealing exceptionally excessive injury. The power will be additional augmented with Shadow Vengeance to deploy two rounds as a substitute of a single shot.
  • Melee: Gold Pistols – The best possible of the accessible gear, Gold Pistols is of course the gold normal for Pink Hood.
  • Go well with: Bolstered Go well with – This swimsuit provides further protection to your construct, making Pink Hood a beefy tank in a multiplayer session, whereas concurrently with the ability to dish out injury.
  • Ranged: Jumpstart Rounds – These rounds permit for extra essential injury, making them extremely highly effective to pair with Pink Hood’s unlockable abilities that additionally increase his essential injury. Be sure that to buy the related abilities beneath the marksman ability tree to additional amplify the effectiveness of this alternative.
  • Component: Cryogenic – Cryogenic builds can help you freeze enemies. Frozen enemies are glued in place and will be freely attacked with further injury. Additionally, ensure that to seize gear that has cryogenic talents.
  • Mod: Elemental Impact Buildup – A mod that builds up elemental results can also be extremely beneficial to take advantage of use of the cryogenic factor.
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With these talents and loadouts, Pink Hood is a drive to be reckoned with in Gotham Knights.

Pink Hood equips his twin handguns to struggle crime

Pink Hood has entry to 4 ability bushes –

  • Marksman – A DPS targeted ability tree, it primarily improves upon Pink Hood’s injury and significant assaults.
  • Brawler – Targeted on melee injury and throw counters, it leverages Jason’s huge dimension and bulk.
  • Vengeance – This ability will increase Pink Hood’s injury in opposition to sure enemies in numerous eventualities.
  • Knighthood – Character-specific ability tree for Pink Hood.

As well as, a variety of substances is accessible to gamers in Gotham Knights. Pink Hood equips his iconic twin handguns to struggle crime in Gotham Metropolis. Being the most important member of the Bat household, Jason can also be a superb brawler.

Really helpful abilities from an endgame perspective for him are Human Bomb, Coup De Grace, Mixed Fireplace, Mystical Leap, and eventually Iron Grip.

Who’s Pink Hood in Gotham Knights?

Jason Todd aka Pink Hood was the successor to Dick Grayson as Robin when the latter left to struggle crime as Nightwing in Bludhaven.


After dying a torturous demise by the hands of the Joker, Jason was resurrected by the League of Assassins in a Lazarus Pit. Being introduced again to life, nevertheless, broke his thoughts and altered him fully. Pink Hood returned with a vengeance to dish out justice on the scum of Gotham in an extremely violent and deadly trend.

The Pink Hood in Gotham Knights is extra mellowed-out and has forgone his deadly tendencies, preferring to make use of non-lethal rounds as a substitute. Regardless of being incurably scarred by the consequences of the Lazarus Pit, Jason has managed to reconcile with each Batman and his former teammates, and returns as a extra in-control Pink Hood in Gotham Knights.

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