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Yelan is usually thought of among the finest models in Genshin Influence. Because it occurs, she is getting a rerun within the second half of model 3.4.

Therefore, on this article, an in depth record of builds of Yelan, alongside along with her finest in slot weapons and artifacts, have been mentioned intimately. She is a particularly versatile unit, makeing her among the finest characters.

after I get C1 Yelan the 2nd pic can be my construct on her. I am at 72 pity and a assure so I will get it.Earlier than C1: After C1:

She can be utilized each as a DPS and assist, relying upon the variety of constellations that gamers have. In any case, the next information has been executed for constellation zero Yelan, in order that even free-to-play gamers can take full benefit.

Detailed construct information for Yelan forward of her rerun in Genshin Influence model 3.4

Yelan’s banner in Genshin Influence is about to reach together with model replace 3.4. Subsequently, gamers have round every week left to farm the artifacts.

Nevertheless, constructing Yelan will not be tough as her artifacts are simple to acquire.

Yelan has two completely different builds in Genshin Influence. Gamers can go for the DPS construct or an all-out assist construct. The artifact and stat necessities for every construct have been supplied beneath.

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DPS Yelan

To construct DPS Yelan, gamers must go for the next artifact set:

  • Coronary heart of Depth x2
  • Tenacity of Milleleth x2

Now’s the time to have a look at the stat necessities for each piece. The primary stat for every bit is written in brackets, whereas the sub-stats are written after the colon.

  • Feather (Assault): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge, HP
  • Flower (HP): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge
  • Sands (HP): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge
  • Headpiece (Crit Charge/Crit Harm): Crit Charge/Crit Harm (relying upon the primary stat), HP
  • Goblet (Hydro Harm Bonus): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, HP

This construct is ideally the perfect in case gamers are going for Aqua Simulacra, Yelan’s signature weapon. HP is extraordinarily necessary on Yelan, and gamers will want round 30000 models. Aside from that, Crit Charge, Crit Harm, and Power Recharge are equally necessary.

Help Yelan

To go for assist or sub-DPS Yelan, gamers might want to go for the next artifact set:

  • Emblem of Severed Destiny x4

The requirement for each main piece is as follows:

  • Feather (Assault): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge, HP
  • Flower (HP): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge
  • Sands (Power Recharge): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, HP
  • Head Piece (Crit Charge/Crit Harm): Crit Charge/Crit Harm, HP, Power Recharge
  • Goblet (Hydro Harm Bonus): Crit Charge, Crit Harm, Power Recharge

For assist Yelan in Genshin Influence, gamers should concentrate on Power Recharge, Crit Charge/Crit Harm, and HP as the primary stats.

Weapon Requirement for Yelan

In relation to weapons, Yelan has a number of choices to go for. It primarily depends upon what sort of construct she goes for. The weapon and the construct that it really works on have been supplied beneath:

  • Aqua Simulacra (DPS/Help)
  • Elegy for the Finish (Sub DPS/Help)
  • Stringless (Sub-DPS/Help)
  • Favonius Bow (Help)
  • Sacrificial Bow (Help)
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Amongst these, Aqua Simulacra is the only option for Yelan in Genshin Influence; nonetheless, Stringless is a very good weapon and doubtless the second finest to go for if gamers don’t get the five-star signature choice.

Favonius and Sacrifical are all out assist weapons and solely work on off-field Yelan.

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