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Berlin SPD Announces Election Results for New Dual Leadership | Free press

Family Minister Giffey and Group Chairman Saleh want to jointly lead the Berlin SPD state association. The corona pandemic has made the voting process complicated.

Berlin (dpa) – The Berlin SPD wants to start the future with a new dual leadership.

On the second day of its largely digital party convention, the party plans to announce the election results of its new president-nominee, Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (42) and Group Leader Raed Saleh (43). On the ballot box, a vote was taken on Friday evening in the SPD district offices, where the delegates handed in their ballots. The party congress was interrupted for this purpose.

The previous party leader Michael Müller (55), who is also the reigning mayor of a red-red-green alliance, was no longer running. Next year he will run for the Bundestag. It is likely that in September 2021 Giffey will also be the SPD’s top candidate for the House of Representatives election. But that is not the subject of the current party congress.

Giffey wants to make security in the capital one of the most important topics of her future work. “Everyone living in Berlin should be able to feel safe. And that means social security, but it also clearly means internal security, ”said Giffey. “I want us to take care of it because I know it’s a concern of a lot of people in this city.”

In view of the corona pandemic, the SPD is largely holding its party conference, which started on Friday, in digital form. This applies to debates, speeches and substantive decisions. For elections, for example for the board of directors, the delegates then go to the SPD district offices to throw their ballots into a ballot box.


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