Before Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was turned down by this great saga for being too ugly


Fifteen years ago, comedian Andrew Garfield tried to join an iconic saga of his time. Unfortunately, for a special reason, he didn’t get the role. In fact, he was turned down because he was seen as too ugly for the role. The actor looks back on this experience and explains in detail this unexpected cancellation.

not pretty enough for this saga

If Andrew Garfield is a bankable actor today, it was a little more complicated fifteen years ago. At the time, the actor was just beginning his career in the film industry. For example, we could see him in the Sugar Rush series or in the 2007 film Lion and Lambs. But it was a pretty complicated time for him doing odd jobs:

I worked at Starbucks for a year and a half clearing tables.

At that time, Andrew Garfield also did everything possible to get his career off the ground. And there is a role that was very close to his heart. In fact, filmmaker Andrew Adamson was hired to direct the first opus of the Finding Narnia saga in 2005. The film emerged as a box office hit with sales of over $ 745 million (on a budget of $ 180 million). In light of this triumph, Walt Disney decided to produce two suites. In the second film, a new character arrives: Prince Caspian. A role sought after by Andrew Garfield, but which eventually returned to Ben Barnes.

Andrew Garfield too ugly

The disappointment was huge for Andrew Garfield. According to himself, the young actor dreamed of joining the famous fantastic franchise based on the novel by CS Lewis. At least that’s what he said on Entertainment Tonight’s microphone in 2017:

I remember being desperate. I auditioned to play Prince Caspian and I thought, “This will do it, it will do it”. And it was the handsome and talented Ben Barnes who eventually got the role. I think we were the last two actors to compete and I was obsessed with the character

Annoyed by this choice, whoever will play Spider-Man a few years later has been somewhat haunted by this refusal. Andrew Garfield kept asking his agent why the casting directors turned him down:

Why not me ? And in the end, despite my persistence, she confided to me, “It’s because they think you’re not beautiful enough”.

Andrew Garfield was turned down because casting directors found Ben Barnes more beautiful than him. A reason that is pretty hard for the ego to swallow. But over time, Andrew Garfield has accepted his defeat and believes that Ben Barnes (who is also featured on The Punisher) did an excellent job on the Finding of Narnia saga. A fairly prolific saga that grossed over $ 1.5 billion in box office revenue. Since then, Andrew Garfield has established himself as a leading man on the Hollywood scene (much more so than Ben Barnes). Most recently, the comedian won for his role in Tick, Tick …. Boom! available on Netflix and starred in the excellent Spider-Man: No Way Home. Everything is rolling for him!