Because of his infidelity, this man loses his entire collection

A few decades after our era, a deck of cards competed vigorously in the playgrounds of France with the essential Pokémon cards: Yu-Gi-Oh! A franchise powered by a more mature series with a memorable soundtrack. Rarely, something Yu-Gi-Oh! can be relatively expensive. And unfortunately for this Japanese player, his collection is being auctioned off because of his infidelity.

A collection that was auctioned for more than 157,000 euros

“Infidelity is priceless, it only has consequences,” believes a certain Radji Lanrey. But Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese, it will eventually cost him his rare card collection. As Yahoo! Auctions Japan, a collection of cards, was recently auctioned with the following description: “This is the first time I sell something (here). I am listing my husband’s collection to avenge the deception.”

A provider named “dnlay04438” is based in Chiba City, Japan. There are many boosters among the cards, all of which are sealed and add value to the lot. Several sets from the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! are therefore offered for sale, like the servant of the Pharaoh or the master of magic. Boosters, which can therefore contain extremely rare cards.

Some cards can sometimes be auctioned for thousands of dollars, such as the Card Crusher Virus or the Arming of Mortal Lords. The auction started this weekend and appears to have recently ended. The starting price was only one yen, but of course the price soared quickly. The lot eventually sold for 20,503,000 yen, or approximately 157,320 euros. His infidelity will have cost him dearly, let’s hope it serves as a lesson.

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