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Are you a fan of Naruto and Boruto? You won’t be able to resist these new Funko Pop! Collectible figurines. There is something for everyone and as a bonus 2 more products to own!

Naruto and Boruto: many iconic characters

Naruto is a manga written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto that was so successful that an animated series was born. No wonder, she also immediately seduced the fans. In terms of Boruto, this is a derivative manga that follows Naruto but was not written or drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Nevertheless, he is her tutor and screenwriter.

If you are a fan of this universe, we offer you the great collection of Funko Pop characters! in our store from 12.49 euros. They are officially licensed and come with their window box.

Funko Pop Gaara Figurine – Naruto N ° 728

This figure shows Gaara, a ninja from the hidden village of Sable, who is also the little brother of Kankurô and Temari.

Naruto Uzumaki Six Wise Paths Funko Pop Figure – Naruto

This pop! is a tribute to the most famous ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, who is none other than the main hero of the manga.

Funko Pop Pain Figurine – Naruto

Official leader of Akatsuki, he is controlled by Nagato and takes shape under 6 avatars (Chikushodô, Jigokudô, Tendô, Shuradô, Gakidô, Nendingô and Gedô) and this figure represents him quite well with his beautiful orange mane.

Funko Pop Shikamaru Nara Figurine – Naruto

This figure represents Shikamaru, a ninja from Konoha village who specializes in shadow manipulation.

Minato Namikaze Funko Pop Figure – Naruto

The pop! from Minato is in the image of the legendary ninja, who became the 4th Hokage of the village of Konoha.

Funko Pop figure Naruto runs N ° 727

With this pop! we find our dear little ninja Naruto running. But where is he going?

Funko Pop Mitsuki figurine – Boruto N ° 673

The Funko-Pop! Mitsuki represents him, accompanied by one of his ethereal snakes, ready for battle.

Funko Pop Figure Sarada Uchiha – Boruto N ° 672

With her big glasses and in a fighting stance, Pop! from Sarada will perfectly complement your collection.

Boruto Uzumaki Funko Pop Figure – Boruto N ° 671

Can’t start Funko Pop’s Boruto collection! without the main character.

Naruto mini mug

These Naruto mini mugs are perfect for hanging your breakfast or snack.

Naruto bento box

And if you want to take your food with you wherever you go, here is a bento box that pays homage to your favorite ninja.

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