Be prepared to pay taxes using these websites

Selling online between individuals via Le Bon Coin or Vinted or going through the property rental system with Airbnb has gained momentum in recent years. It’s the ideal solution for some to sort in their locker room, add to their month-end, or go cheap on the weekend. But be careful, if these services have many benefits, you might be paying taxes! Yes, depending on your use of these platforms, the tax authorities may be able to ask you for money. Explanations.

Taxable income under certain conditions

If you have made sales on any of these platforms by the end of January, you should receive an email with a summary of the sales you have made using these online services. If the transactions carried out are part of a professional activity, you must report them to taxes.

The law requires that Le Bon Coin, Airbnb or Vinted notify you of the number and total gross amount of transactions the user has made in the last calendar year. Therefore, this information that you may receive is added to your tax return.

Note that this metric only applies to professional sales. Occasional sales are exempt from tax except under certain conditions. For sales of precious metals over 3000 euros, you have to pay a flat tax on precious metals. If you sell furniture, appliances or vehicles whose value exceeds 5,000 euros, you must declare the transaction and enter the tax regime for capital gains from the sale of movable property and pay a rate of 19% VAT.

If you use Airbnb both as a private individual and as a professional, you are liable for tax! No exception for the property rental service. As soon as you receive an annual income between 305 and 70,000 euros, the tax authorities receive social security contributions (17.2%) and the tax bracket that depends on the income of the taxpayer (between 0 and 45%).

If you’re a fan of Vinted or Bon Coin, you can continue to use these sites without paying taxes, as long as you’re not too greedy and the number of annual transactions remains reasonable.

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