Be careful, the Keanu Reeves bumping into you is a scam

If you’ve ever received a DM from Keanu Reeves, it is likely a scam. To you readers this may seem obvious, but for others the scam has worked very well and the truth came as a real shock. We invite you to discover the profile of these people who have lost large sums of money and their trust in others.

A well-oiled social media scam

The Los Angeles Times recently reported to us that women around the world have reported scammers posing as Keanu Reeves for money and personal information. From Taiwan to Canada to the United States, these women claim they were deceived into believing Keanu Reeves fell in love with them through social media and needed urgent money overnight.

We have heard several stories in the past of personalities with stolen identities being wrongly accused of cheating on people on social media. The “Keanu Reeves” cheating is particularly intriguing because it seems unlikely to us, and yet: The actor is so revered and admired around the world that for certain people (and in this case women in particular) he falls victim to loneliness, one simple news from him is a total upheaval.

For example, on behalf of the Los Angeles Times, Molli Hermiston says that her aunt, who was hit by this scam, was so brainwashed by identity thieving crooks that she decided to ignore her entire family for a living. Molli Hermiston’s aunt is 70 years old and fell in love with the wrong actor thanks to his fiery messages. The latter is so deeply convinced of the true identity of her interlocutor that she is now trying to sell her house in order to send money to “Keanu Reeves”.

A fraud that affects the emotional

But how is it possible that so many people are being fooled? First, let’s point out that the generation who weren’t born with computers are more prone to rip-offs. The dangers of digitization are numerous and older people are not always aware of them. As a result, the elderly are the primary target of attack and scammers can then connect to them through messages.

As for Molli Hermiston’s aunt, whom we have already told you about, the “digital relationship” between her and the impostor flourished for many months. Her niece claims to have even received a necklace and earrings from this fake Keanu Reeves, as proof of their existence, but also of their love. “She has been wearing them every day since then,” says Molli Hermiston. In return, the interlocutor raises the pretext of having big money problems in order to demand $ 10,000 from his interlocutor. Dollars he will undoubtedly receive.

Victims all over the world

While the “Keanu Reeves” scam mainly affects women, the scam has already claimed many victims, men and women, worldwide. And these scams have continued to grow during the pandemic, taking advantage of the isolation of most and a certain amount of desperation.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that since January 2020, Americans have lost a total of $ 545 million to this type of fraud. An extremely lucrative scam that affects more and more people. Additionally, another OnlyFans social media scam has gotten a lot of attention lately. If you want to know more about the subject, we dedicated an earlier article to this question.

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