Be careful, some games have stopped working and there is nothing you can do about it


For a few days, a bug discovered on PlayStation 4 has prevented owners of Sony consoles from being able to play their games both dematerialized and physically. There is no point in owning the game CD, the mistake is not logical in this situation. A problem that could affect the PlayStation 5 in the long term, especially since Sony has not yet commented on the problem.

the ps4 victim of a new problem

In the last few days a new bug has been noticed, the bug (CE 34878-0). There is a big problem hidden behind this error, which is a malfunction of the CMOS battery. This battery supplies power to the motherboard and provides access to the console’s BIOS. Unfortunately, without them, it is impossible to play both digital and physical games. Regardless of whether you own the game in its physical version or not, nothing changes (with a few exceptions). The console won’t let the owner start a game.

This problem, reported by the Doesitplay1 Twitter account, has since been tested by several videographers. As you can see below from a video created by Spawn Wave’s YouTube channel, an error message (CE-30391-6) is displayed when the videographer tries to start the Shadow of the Colossus game, a single player game that does does not need an internet connection after previously removing the CMOS battery.

An issue that currently only affects the PlayStation 4 but may reach the PlayStation 5. And for good reason, it also has a CMOS battery. Ultimately, therefore, it is possible that Sony’s next-gen console may also be affected. However, this problem is not a serious one as PlayStation console owners have peace of mind.

And for good reason, simply replacing the battery using a simple and quick operation is enough to keep everything in order. However, some untrained players may not know where to turn. You should therefore be informed. Additionally, Sony should speak publicly before being informed of what to do next.

a problem on ps5 that seems less disabling

A mistake that can lead to more serious problems later. Even if it is currently sufficient to replace the CMOS battery, it is possible that owners of PlayStation 4 will find themselves with their beak in the water after deactivating the services and servers of Sony. A few years should pass by then, especially since the Japanese giant has backed out on the PlayStation Store servers of its PSP, PS Vita and PS3. The latter won’t be closing their doors for good this summer, suggesting a hiatus for that of its PS4.

PS5 UPDATE: We released our first results on #cbomb and its impact on #PS5 consoles and games.

This is of particular interest to anyone who owns a PS5 Digital Edition.

April 17, 2021

Regardless, the Doesitplay1 account reached out to the PlayStation 5 to see if Sony’s next-gen console is also affected by this issue. And at first glance, both the console and the games are affected by a CMOS battery malfunction:

The PlayStation 4 physical hard drives booted and the trophies appeared to be working, but Resident Evil 2 intermittently displayed an error message stating that “something went wrong”. Mortal Kombat 11 (PS5) will not be installed. It crashed 97% of the time every time Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) was launched and played with no issues. Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War began but was not playable due to its heavy reliance on connectivity to game servers.

While the PlayStation 5 is also prone to this problem, water flows under the bridges before it’s really considered serious. Simply replacing the CMOS battery will reset the console’s internal clock and bring the entire system up and running. Still, it would be preferable for Sony to express itself in the near future so that victims can feel supported and even cared for.