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BB: I love Jorge Guerreiro and I need a podcast where he says loose words

BB: I love Jorge Guerreiro and I need a podcast where he says loose words

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest TVI reality show Gala.

Jorge Guerreiro is one of the competitors.

After only two weeks we had our first dropout on “Big Brother Famosos”. Laura explained in the confessional that she could not bear the longing for her family and needed her freedom. I understand: Jardel’s stomach alone takes up half the house, plus Bruno de Carvalho and Leandro’s egos, there was little free space.

Pipoca and Flávio, as usual, tugged the competitor’s ears as she missed an opportunity many would have liked. hmm, will it? I think we’ve already realized today that it’s not quite like that. Many may have been contacted to take part, but in the end we saw which ones really said yes.

And even assuming there are a lot of people who would like to join BB Famosos, what’s the problem if you give up after two weeks? It’s just a TV show, calm down. It’s not as if Laura is giving up a starring role in Tarantino’s new film or, better yet, an amazing weekend with expenses paid at the Ibis da Quarteira.

Speaking of movies, this Sunday we checked out a few more blockbusters from BB Play, starting with a psychological thriller called The Three Menaces. The protagonists Bruno de Carvalho and Leandro faced each other at a dimly lit dinner that was very reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Italian-American restaurants in the film “O Padrinho”.

The only difference is that by the end of that dinner there weren’t any brains strewn along the wall, which would have been an improvement given the decor of the room. “Eyes in the eyes: I don’t like you, for me you’re a mouse,” Leandro throws Bruno de Carvalho in the face, who limits himself to answering “Oooooooh”. For Bruno, who wanted to have a drink with Juve Leo’s Mustafa, being threatened by Leandro must be just as scary as opening the closet and finding the bullfighter shoes Flávio presented at the gala. They may shudder, but they’re not exactly a threat.

The second film of the evening was called “E Tudo o Nuno Amazed” – Nuno Homem de Sá was commented on extensively by his roommates and accused by Jaciara of being uncomfortable. Also, uncomfortable is the nicest word the contestant said about the actor, since then he seems to have taken a liking to him and moved on. “He is the most lying and hypocritical man I know. I hate him, he’s an unpalatable person.”

Hey, where did all this come from? Jaciara seems to have a touch of drama, and what initially seemed like a possible romance quickly became an episode of Married at First Sight. From those where experts choose “the perfect match”.

This week’s life curve was Jorge Guerreiro, the man who has a better radio voice than Álvaro Costa. I love Jorge and I need a podcast with just him speaking for an hour. It could be on any topic, it could even be Jorge saying just a few words. I think it would be a perfect addition to my meditation.

I just couldn’t sing because this song about renting a room gets into the person’s brain. Just yesterday I left the house to buy bread and my wife found me after three hours humming it and staring at the Century 21 window.

In the audience, while we learned about the ups and downs of the singer’s life, his mother, D. Amélia, watched with emotion but always supported by Romana, who is a sweetheart and looks great because the years don’t pass her by.

The last film they showed was called Até a Barraca Abana. In the trailer, we saw Jardel nicknamed Liliana fake and Leandro commented to colleagues that she likes women. In the living room, the singer confronted Jardel with his statements and put Leandro in his place: “I like women, and if I feel like liking Bruno and kissing him on the mouth, I’ll do it!” Liliana has her statement well done, but in my opinion she did it with too many words, because for Leandro one onomatopoeia is enough: “oooooooh”.


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