Battle Royale, 128 players … the new work promises to be crazy

Good news or just rumors for Battlefield and Battle Royale fans? Billed as Blockbuster of the Year by Electronic Arts, several Battlefield 6 rumors are circulating, backed by a major source.

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December 15, 2020

Restart and old-gen

It’s been two years since the release of Battlefield V, and players are eagerly awaiting its worthy sequel, Battlefield 6. In terms of the latest information, the title will hit the PC and the next, according to Tom Henderson, a true insider of the JV sphere Generation land, but also on the old generation (only the switch is prevented from doing so). However, we do know that Battlefield 6 was developed at EA as an old generation game. And it’s even said to be the American studio’s technical showcase for this year. We therefore have to put the package in place.

In either case, the more positive leaks circulate quickly. And other great information would have leaked. According to Tom Henderson, Battlefield 6 would be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3 and would even take on the accents of a slight reboot of the saga.

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Cards that can be played by up to 128 players are also mentioned, but those rumors date back to last year. What’s pretty new is that the game will be released on both newer and older consoles. #gaming

January 20, 2021

128 player cards and a royal battle?

As announced last August, the game would allow players to compete on cards with up to 128 players (this information seems to re-emerge more seriously today, as several journalists specializing in video games l ‘Confirmed). However, the technical shortcomings of the PS4 and Xbox One would only allow for a 32v32 match, but the old generation version would be carried by a different studio within Dice.

The success of the Warzone mode also seems to give suggestions at Electronic Arts, as a Battle Royale mode is also in development. However, no specific evidence has been disclosed to support such a claim.

Due to the success of Warzone, there is also an increased interest in Battle Royale. No confirmation of a BR in the next Battlefield yet, but could EA and DICE plan an F2P Battlefield experience? “said Tom Henderson on Twitter

Some time ago, in addition to the size of the maps, Tom Henderson announced that the saga would again focus on the subject of modern warfare, and perhaps more specifically on a fictional third world war between NATO and Russia.

All of these rumors are of course to be taken more or less seriously, but we know that some of Tom Henderson’s words have already been proven to be true in the past. So let’s stay vigilant.

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