Battle for control of London in this strategic board game (5 games to win)


A highly esteemed series by Steven Knight, Peaky Blinders immerses us in the difficult missions of the Shelby family and the band of Peaky Blinders that rages around Birmingham. A license that has been converted into a board game to participate in the gang war yourself and play as your own member of that gang of thugs. To help you see more clearly, here is a video presentation with the enticing realization.

a strategic and economical board game

Titled Peaky Blinders: Under New Management, this board game invites you to take part in the conquest of the Birmingham and London boroughs in person. You are neither Thomas Shelby nor Alfie Solomons, but your own character. In addition, the references to the series are minimal, so that the 5 preceding seasons do not have to be approached in order to play a game. However, bring your rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, and four-leaf clover, you will need them.

Peaky Blinders: Under New Management is in the form of a plateau divided into four districts: Small Heath and Birmingham City on the Birmingham side and Camden Town and Central London on the London side. The principle of the game is simple: achieve the three objectives drawn at random at the beginning of the game. You have three agents to do this. One is intelligent, the second charismatic, while the third prefers the use of force. Depending on his primary quality, the henchman receives different rewards.

The intelligent one will use moderate but safe methods, while the strong will investigate radical but effective methods that may even send him straight to jail. But to help you, and especially to decide its success, you have to use dice. Dice rolls happen very regularly during a game of Peaky Blinders: Under New Management. A lucky player, but not very strategic, will undoubtedly be more successful in the end than an unlucky player but a strategist.

However, your resource management, your planning of the goals to be achieved, and your expectation of the cheap shots to be achieved will go a long way. A strategic and economic board game to invest in at the right time, but also to put a speech in the wheels of your opponents, like the unsavory actions interviewed on the BBC series.

Although a player will find themselves at the top quickly early in the game, your low shots can quickly restore balance on the board. Although it is possible and even compulsory to take control of the areas of the board of directors, the instant loss of it will make all improvements of the men tied to it disappear. Increasing its properties as well as its resources can sometimes be played with a simple die roll.

But that’s the beauty of Peaky Blinders: Under New Management, no part is really won upfront. Deduction, anticipation, luck, the impartial triptych of this board game with a pleasant universe, the games of which are played by 2 to 4 players and last between 60 and 120 minutes. It’s easily accessible and intended for those willing to put friendships on hold for a game. Because even if the dice rolls have priority, the low hits will rain. And when we see a victory vanish under our noses because of fleeting rivalries, there is always a bitter taste in the mouth.

Peaky Blinders: Under New Management offers nice twists and turns, resulting in pretty quick turns. A multi-player game for those who like to hit low strokes before making up their differences at the time of a die roll. From Birmingham to London, rule shabby neighborhoods that await you.

A board game to discover here, for those who want to discover the series’ universe in a different light.

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