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Basic pension: How people now arrive at the premium | free press

Berlin (dpa) – More than half a year after the official start of the basic pension, the first pensioners receive the premium. The pension insurance started with the sending of the first pension announcements with announcements about the basic pension supplement. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) recognized the basic pension on Monday as a “socio-political milestone”. The premium is paid to people who have worked for a long time but earned little – usually women.

The first basic pensioners

At the start, several hundred notices containing announcements about the basic pension supplement are sent. “Shipping is now going up,” said a pension insurance spokesperson. The new information is first sent to new retirees with the pension invoices, so that they can see whether and how much they receive a basic pension. The basic pension is then paid out together with the regular pension: If you are a new pensioner who now receives your pension declaration, the continued payment of the pensions – possibly with the basic pension supplement – will start at the end of August. Pensions that have been accrued up to that point are usually paid out in July as an additional payment, for example if the pension is approved on 1 July.

Which state pension beneficiaries follow and when

After the start with the new pensioners, the pension insurance wants to check in the second half of the year for people with basic insurance, housing allowance or other social assistance benefits whether they are entitled to a basic pension. The remuneration of the very oldest, who already received a pension before 1992, is also discussed during the exams. The millions of extra pensions will follow in the fourth quarter of 2022. “Since a total of 26 million pensions have to be checked whether the surcharge can be paid, the last matters will be settled at the end of 2022,” said the spokesperson. It is expected that about five percent of pensions will receive a supplement.

Why the basic pension is only flowing now

Actually, the claim has been around since the beginning of the year. But a huge advance was needed. Above all, a new information highway between pension insurance and tax authorities had to be built. Because the basic pension is only given to those with a moderate income. For the full surcharge, the monthly income as a pensioner can be a maximum of 1250 euros (single person) or 1950 euros (couple or life partner). Taxable income, the tax-free portion of the pension and investment income are checked. However, the pension fund does not have this data – the pension insurance company sifts from all its pension accounts the people who have worked long enough for a basic pension. It then forwards the data to the tax authorities. The tax authorities check the income of the pension beneficiaries concerned and in turn pass this information on to the pension fund.

What requirements does the pension insurance check

The basic pension is awarded to those who have paid contributions for at least 33 years, whether as an employee or as a self-employed person, or who have also had periods of upbringing or care, or who have received sickness, transition or short-term benefits. The full supplement is only available from the age of 35. The basic pension is intended for people with a low wage, but the contribution must have been at least 30 percent of the average income.

What should you pay attention to?

You do not need to take any action yourself. “The German pension insurance automatically determines whether the requirements for paying the surcharge are met,” said the spokesperson. An application is not necessary. Anyone who is retiring now or in the future can see on their pension notification whether they will receive a basic pension. Anyone who already receives a pension will only receive a notification of the basic pension when the supplement is paid. The millions of pensioners who do not receive a basic pension are not separately informed. In total, 1.3 million people receive a basic pension.

What’s still open

The government estimates that the basic pension will amount to 75 euros on average. But whether the prognosis is correct is still open. «More accurate statements are only possible if a representative number of basic pension supplements has actually been calculated. I am very enthusiastic about the figures myself, “said the president of the German Pension Insurance Association, Gundula Roßbach, the” Weser-Kurier “(Monday). The income of the recipients of the basic pension is then checked annually – after all, it can change. the system is now permanently installed – unless future lawmakers want it otherwise.Heil said during a visit to Nuremberg: “The CDU didn’t want the basic pension, neither did the CSU in that form. That’s why many debates were needed in the coalition. Now the instrument contributes to safety in old age, but age poverty must also be combated in other ways.


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