Basic agreement on a new aerial combat system | Free press


In perspective, the Eurofighter will disappear from the inventory of the Bundeswehr. Germany has now agreed with France and Spain to develop a successor system.

Berlin (dpa) – Germany, France and Spain have reached a “fundamental agreement” in their government talks on the planned FCAS aerial combat system. The Ministry of Defense announced this in a briefing to the officers of the Defense Commission on Monday.

It is about a seamless continuation of the trinational project, it said in the paper available to the German news agency in Berlin. This agreement includes the Agreement on an Implementing Arrangement as an overarching document for the research and technology development phases and the so-called demonstration phase. “The implementation agreement also contains the associated regulations on usage rights and the maximum financial participation of Germany,” he said.

This is an essential condition for parliamentary referral in the 25th calendar week to continue the project. A so-called bill of 25 million euros must be presented, involving parliament in armaments decisions.

The industries of Germany, France and Spain are involved in the project – its full name is Next Generation Weapon System in a Future Combat Air System (NGWS / FCAS). The air combat system should be operational by 2040 and replace the Eurofighter.

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