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Based on The Way of the Apron, This Crazy Anime Will Make You Laugh (Trailer)

Through its Twitter account, Netflix has decided to release a new image, a trailer, as well as a release date for the next anime of the moment. This one looks just as crazy as The Way of the Apron, which you can already find on the platform…

A new comedy anime for Netflix

Thermae Romae Novae is the second anime adaptation of Mari Yamazaki’s Being. The award-winning manga was pre-published in Japan in Comic Beam magazine’s columns from December 2008 to March 2013. In France, the six volumes of the manga are available from Casterman Editions.

Animation studio NAZ will be responsible for the production of this anime, directed by Testuya Tatamitami (Africa Salaryman). The screenplay will be written by Yoshiro Momose (So I’m Spider, So What?). The main character of Lucius is played by the same seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) as Tatsu from The Way of the Apron anime, namely Kenjiro Suda.

Furthermore, the two anime seem to have a lot more in common than just their main protagonist. In fact, Thermae Romae Novae is also classified in the animated series, which advocates an offbeat humor.

An architect sent from antiquity into the future

On the occasion of this new adaptation, Mari Yamazaki will provide unpublished stories. The anime will also take over the main plot of the original manga. This collaboration with Netflix is ​​part of a larger project in which the platform will offer multiple mangakas the opportunity to bring their work to screen.

The summary of Thermae Romae Novae takes place in 128 BC. instead of AD, in ancient Rome. We will follow the character of Lucius Modestsus, an architect of thermal baths who is considered “nerdy”. One day, deep in thought, he is projected 1,500 years into the future. Thanks to the inventions of modern Japan, he then finds new ideas to design public baths that were attractive at the time.

Thermae Romae Novae is scheduled for March 28, 2022 on Netflix. While waiting to be able to devour this new series, find out which anime from the platform has the rights to its second season.


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