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Despite a large number of new infections, the corona situation in the Balearic Islands is still under control. Most of the sick are young people. Will the situation in hospitals continue to ease?

Palma (dpa) – The Balearic Islands, with Mallorca as the Germans’ favorite holiday island, have registered more new infections in one day than ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The health authorities of the Spanish Mediterranean islands announced in Palma on Thursday that 795 infections with the corona virus had been registered within 24 hours. There were 115 cases more than the day before. The highest number to date was previously recorded on January 19 at 776. The region of just under 1.2 million inhabitants temporarily had Spain’s highest values ​​in terms of population in winter.

The regional government emphasized that although an increase in the number of infections had been registered for days, “the situation in the hospitals was under control”. Since in the Balearic Islands, as in all of Spain, younger people are currently mainly infected and the disease course is usually milder, the situation was relatively relaxed: only 26 patients were in intensive care with Covid-19 on the four islands. The occupancy rate of the intensive care beds remained at twelve percent. In addition, about 50 percent of the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands are fully vaccinated.

According to the authorities of the Balearic Islands, the 7-day incidence was 265. For comparison, in Germany this value was only eight. The number of infections has been rising steadily throughout Spain since the end of June. The federal government has therefore recently designated the entire country as a risk area.

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