Baerbock wants to stop for short haul flights – industry angry | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – After SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, green candidate Annalena Baerbock has also announced that she wants to make air travel less attractive in the event of a government takeover.

In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag” she made it clear that she is in favor of abolishing short-haul flights. Even cheap prices like 29 euros for Mallorca flights should no longer exist if you take climate policy seriously, Baerbock told the newspaper: “Anyone can go on holiday wherever they want. But climate-friendly taxation on flights would put an end to such dump prices. “

SPD chancellor candidate Scholz also announced a few days ago in the “ProSieben Spezial Live” program that he wanted to take action against cheap flights and set a price limit. The FDP, which will approve its federal election program this weekend, is calling for technical solutions rather than bans. Industry associations warned on Sunday that production in Germany would be jeopardized by ambitious climate projects.

The Green leader said it was unfair for tax money to subsidize kerosene while long-distance train journeys were expensive, especially at peak times. “If you travel by train as a family, you should pay less than you would for the short distance on the plane,” she said. “And yes, short haul flights should no longer exist in perspective.” As chancellor, she would be the first law to launch an “immediate climate protection program” that also brings with it other new regulations, such as mandatory solar systems for new buildings, Baerbock explained.

SPD Chancellor candidate Scholz had argued that no flight should be cheaper “than the airport charges and all other costs incurred”. Further regulation is legally difficult. However, that means “that there will certainly be no (flight) that will be less than 50 or 60 euros,” said Scholz. Even that is still quite cheap, compared to what air travel would have cost in the past. Leftist Bundestag member Jörg Cezanne recently called for a kerosene tax on domestic flights to accelerate the shift to more climate-friendly alternatives such as rail travel.

The federal government’s tourism commissioner Thomas Bareiß warned that climate protection should not come at the expense of vacation planning for low-income families. “I think that in the future, traveling and flying should also be possible for every budget and should not become a luxury for some. Climate protection and CO2 reduction must be intelligent and implemented using new technologies. Anyone who believes that bans and disproportionate price increases are the right means is on the wrong track, ”the CDU politician told the German news agency this week.

Speaking at the Federal Liberal Party Congress, FDP Secretary General Volker Wissing emphasized that climate protection is important to his party as the perception of responsibility for future generations. The FDP relies on technical solutions. He cited combustion engines as an example, the ban of which makes no sense if they can be operated climate-neutral with synthetic fuels. The Greens are calling for an end to the combustion engine from 2030. At the same time, Baerbock emphasized in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag” that driving must remain affordable. “That means that we support people who currently have no money for a new electric car,” says Baerbock.

Automotive and mechanical engineering associations have expressed great anger over the federal government’s climate policy last weekend. “It will not help the global climate if we destroy Germany’s innovative industry and shift production to regions where much more carbon dioxide is emitted for the same result,” said Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) president Hildegard Müller, who said, ” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung “. She was very annoyed by “the rush of the federal government and the lack of impact assessment with their climate package,” Müller criticized.