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Baerbock or Habeck? Greens announce candidates for chancellor | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Annalena Baerbock or Robert Habeck? After months of speculation, the Greens will answer Monday as to who should lead the party as a candidate for chancellor in the federal election.

The party board will nominate one of the two chairmen for the highest post. Baerbock and Habeck wanted to reach mutual agreement for this. The final decision will then be taken at the Green Party Congress from June 11-13. The approval is considered certain – regardless of how the nomination goes.

Given the high poll numbers since 2018, the Greens have decided to run for chancellor for the first time. At more than 20 percent, they are currently the second strongest force behind the CDU / CSU and ahead of the SPD.

Unlike the CDU and CSU, the Greens did not have major public discussions about the choice of candidates, which is very unusual for the once controversial party. On Monday, former Green Chairman Jürgen Trittin also commented on the party line. He considers both Baerbock and Habeck as suitable candidates for chancellor.

“We have the luxury of a good selection and can live with both results,” said the former Environment Minister in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. Regarding the criticism of Baerbock for having no federal or state government experience, Trittin said, “In my political history, I have had my own government experience, only to find that you have a lot to learn in the post of federal minister. . “

In surveys, 40-year-old Baerbock was so far behind in sympathy with 51-year-old Habeck, but has been catching up in recent months. Habeck has already gained government experience in Schleswig-Holstein as Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister. Baerbock does not have that, but is considered stronger in terms of content.

In the twentieth general election since 1949, she would only be the second woman after Angela Merkel to run for the highest office in the government. The SPD will vote on September 26 with Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the union has yet to decide between CDU and CSU presidents Armin Laschet and Markus Söder.

Baerbock and Habeck were nominated by their home associations for the federal election on Saturday. The Brandenburg Greens made Baerbock their top candidate with 106 out of 109 delegates at a state party conference. Robert Habeck was nominated as a direct candidate by the district associations of Flensburg and Schleswig-Flensburg in northern Schleswig-Holstein with 72 out of 73 votes. He comes second on the list of states.

In his speech, Habeck made it clear once again that the Greens were in power. “I want to lead the Greens in government,” he said. Germany has not been ruled by the Greens for too long. “That was not good.” Baerbock was also belligerent: “We are challenging the Union,” said the 40-year-old. “Everything is possible this year, everything is possible this year.”

The Greens were only in power at the federal level once: between 1998 and 2005 as a junior partner in a red-green coalition led by SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

The director of the Greens, Michael Kellner, has now given the electoral goal of the Greens taking the chancellery. “We want to lead the country into the future. That’s why we’re fighting for the historically best green result of all time and for the leadership of the next federal government. “The Greens had their best result so far in a federal election in 2009 with 10.7 percent, in the last election in 2017 they only got 8.9 percent.


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