Baby Yoda outraged some viewers in the last episode

Din Djarin and the kid were back on Disney + last Friday for new adventures. You could discover Chapter 10, in which our Mandalorian is accompanying a passenger and eggs. In this episode, one sequence appealed to the audience. Please note that the following lines contain spoilers regarding the plot of The Mandalorian. If you haven’t seen Season 2 episode 2, it’s time to close this page. For the others we are lower.

/! Warning spoiler /!

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A child who eats children

After facing a Dragon Krayt in the season two premiere, Din Djarin is still looking for Mandalorians. His new lead comes from an alien in contact, but to get the information he has to accompany her and her babies to save their species. A dangerous mission as our hero cannot use the speed of light to move or it can kill the eggs. Din Djarin then does everything possible to protect his passengers, but without counting on Baby Yoda, who seems to love to swallow eggs. The little green creature is very attentive when it arrives on board the ship and doesn’t hesitate to pounce on it as soon as the opportunity presents itself. A particularly funny sequence, which also got some viewers to react.

In fact, if the sequence is funny, viewers have been moved by these poor eggs, which depict the survival of a species and which Baby Yoda eats with confidence. Some did not even hesitate to call him a threat, a murderer.

Baby yoda the genocide, he really destroys a species just for his pleasure ud83d ude2d

November 8, 2020

cw mandalorian spoilers
I feel so bad for the frog woman that she really suffered from Din Djarin Airlines with baby Yoda as a terrible flight attendant who happened to eat her luggage

November 6, 2020

I feel so bad for the frog lady that she must have been in pain on the Mandalorian flight with Baby Yoda, a bad passenger who tried to eat her luggage.

Frog lady appreciation tweet u2764 ufe0f

She’s just trying to protect her eggs. Baby Yoda is a threat.

November 8, 2020

She’s just trying to protect her balls, baby Yoda is a threat.

In the episode of #themandalorian this week, we learn that #babyyoda really loves … Boba

November 7, 2020

When Mando realizes that baby Yoda has eaten the last eggs of the frog lady’s family: #Mandalorian

November 6, 2020

The Mandalorian when Baby Yoda eats the eggs

Peli: The precious cargo will be a frog woman and her eggs (offspring).

Baby Yoda at the sight of the canister with floating eggs:

November 7, 2020

Baby Yoda when he sees the eggs

Frog Lady: I ​​hope my babies grow up and live happy lives

Baby Yoda after eating her eggs: #Mandalorian

November 6, 2020

Baby Yoda after eating the eggs

Baby Yoda looks at the eggs in the canister #Mandalorian

November 6, 2020

Baby Yoda looks at the eggs

So yell at Baby Yoda for eating eggs, but long for Anakin after murdering kids. Don’t worry, I’m taking notes, hehe

November 6, 2020

So you slow down when Baby Yoda eats eggs, but you don’t say anything when Anakin cuts children to pieces. I take notes.

mandalorian spoiler

Baby Yoda does a number of abortions in the new episode without kidding

November 7, 2020

Baby Yoda does a lot of abortions in the final episode

Baby Yoda after eating the last egg and successfully ending a whole family: #Mandalorian

November 6, 2020

Baby Yoda after removing a whole line on his own

Internet users reacted a lot, but seeing baby Yoda eating the eggs shows that he may be cute, but not entirely innocent. He’s still a baby, but his predatory instincts are taking over.

While you wait to discover the third episode of Season 2, discover or discover 10 little details to remember in Episode 2 of Season 2.

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