Baby shark with a human face discovered in Indonesia

Clap of thunder among scientists following the discovery of a human-faced shark by an Indonesian fisherman. We tell you everything!

In late February, a photo of a baby shark went viral on social networks and for good reason it had a face that resembled the Michelin man.

jay: why does the baby shark mutant look like the michelin man?

February 23, 2021

Why does the baby shark look like the Michelin man?

On February 20, a fisherman named Abdulalah Nuren caught a very common shark off the coast of Indonesia. But the next day, when, to his surprise, he opened his stomach, he discovered two perfectly normal fetuses, but he noticed the third. He has a head that strangely resembles that of a human. After this discovery, the news made the rounds of major English-language media outlets, The Sun, New York Post, and Daily Mail.

The real baby shark! Mutant fish are born with a human face. Https://

February 23, 2021

A real baby mutant shark, born with a “human head”.

The story continues on February 21st and this time we even have access to a video posted by Newsflare.

David Shiffman, a researcher with the British NGO Council for the Good Management of the Seas, explains that the shark likely suffered from a partial cyclopean malformation. Usually this causes the two eyes to merge into one. In this case, however, the process will stop in the middle. The eyes are roughly like a human’s apart.

These cases of partial cyclopias have already been investigated by science, as reported in this study, but the lack of sufficiently detailed photographs does not allow us to authenticate the exact cause of the malformation observed in these images. The Snopes Fake News Audit Journal treated the fact as unproven.

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