Ayaneo Next: Portable Gaming Console More Expensive Than Xbox One X, PS5

AyaNeo has announced that its AyaNeo Next/Pro series would get funded through an IndieGogo campaign. The team also disclosed the early bird and standard pricing for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800U-powered PC gaming handhelds recently upgraded.

The most affordable early bird package starts at a whopping $1,285, depending on the setup you’re looking for it. Some AyaNeo Next Pro devices cost up to $1535.

These portable Windows PCs include a 7-inch IPS LCD touch-enabled display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, identical to Valve’s Stream Deck. The new AyaNeo Next/Pro improves the previous model by including an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor with eight Zen 3 cores and a Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU.

The revised AMD Ryzen 5000-series ‘Cezanne’ APUs are compatible with the designs it had. Thus this is a minor improvement. The newest AMD Ryzen 6000-series ‘Rembrandt’ APUs, with their intriguing blend of Zen 3+ CPU architecture CPU cores and RDNA 2 integrated graphics, are not among them.

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The AyaNeo Next/starting Pro’s price is significantly over $1,000. If no other options were available, its bespoke design and miniaturization have to get known as fair. However, there is an elephant, and the elephant’s side gets emblazoned with Steam Deck in neon.

Consumers will soon purchase Valve’s Stream Deck, and the initial cost is low. Furthermore, the Steam Deck is far from being a slacker. AMD APU has outdated Zen 2 cores, but with RDNA2 GPU cores at its disposal, it will likely be more balanced in gaming.

The Steam Deck costs $399 for the 64 GB version, $529 for the 256 GB version, and $649 for the 512 GB version. The storage quotas are a little tight. However, you may expand your capacity using micro SD cards. The devices get expected to begin delivering in mid-April.

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