Avengers 5 could be an adaptation of this fan-loved story

As Phase III of the MCU ended with Spider-Man: Far From Home and Marvel Phase 4 debuted with the WandaVision series on Disney +, the question often arises when the studio plans to replace the Avengers with Thanos in the sequel fight the adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the previous phase, the Avengers were allies and one wonders if the public will have the opportunity to revisit such an alliance in the future. Imagine it seems that way.

A new Avengers team on the way

In fact, even if this project is out of date on Marvel’s part, there is the title of a comic that keeps popping up: Secret Wars. Written by Jim Shooter and published between May 1984 and April 1985, this is the first ever Marvel Comics crossover.

In this story, a cosmic being, Beyonder, sees Earth through a cosmic gap in space-time. This Almighty God will watch superheroes and villains clash and try to understand their motivations. To do this, he creates the Battleworld by attracting the heroes and villains, which he places in two camps, the first from Captain America and the second from Doctor Doom, to make them compete against each other. So there is something to do with this teleportation story and the multiverse that Marvel is building.

And if we believe the comics’ writer, it would already be underway. During MegaCon, Jim Shooter stated that he had been contacted by the studio to secure the rights to Secret Wars. Even if the question about a film has not yet been confirmed, we assume that an adaptation is in the works. In addition, the Russo brothers had already confided in 2018 that they would return to the MCU with a Secret Wars film.

Waiting for official confirmation from Marvel

So we just have to wait for the studio officials to know if Secret Wars will see the light of day and if we can discover this adaptation on the big screen or in the form of a series, as will be the case. with Secret Invasion, a big cross-over in which the earth is infiltrated by Skrulls and we discover that the heroes are in fact aliens. For the time being, no transmission date for this program.

The next movie date with Marvel is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which hits theaters on September 1st.

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