Attention: There is already a trailer for the second season of “Lupine”

Attention: There is already a trailer for the second season of “Lupine”

It’s already one of the biggest hits in Netflix history. The second season comes in the summer.

Between humor, action and a lot of tension, “Lupine” is a series that has attracted a lot of attention beyond France. Portugal was one of the countries where the series was catapulted to the top of the most watched platforms after its debut on January 8th. And fans can expect good news.

On this Friday afternoon, March 5th, the streaming platform published the teaser for the second part of the series. Anyone who has seen the five episodes of the first season knows that there are things that have remained unsolved. The atmosphere is tense. And the protagonist has the greatest challenge of his life ahead of him.

The new trailer immediately shows us the character of Omar Sy in a borderline situation after his son was kidnapped. Before him, he has the double mission of saving his son and defeating his enemies.

Netflix hasn’t announced the official premiere date yet, but the five new episodes will come out sometime this summer. You can check out the trailer below.

While the second part doesn’t arrive, you can learn more about the life story of Omar Sy, from humble origins to fame. You can also learn more about the origins of “Lupine”, a character created more than 100 years ago.

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