Attack on Nuclear Plant – Iran Seeks Fugitive | Free press


After the attack on Natan’s nuclear facility in early April, Tehran identified a mastermind. Arch enemy Israel is held responsible for the attack.

Tehran (AP) – Iranian intelligence allegedly identified one of the masterminds a week ago in connection with an act of sabotage at the Natans nuclear facility.

43-year-old Resa K. had left the country for the crime, the secret service said in a press release on Saturday, according to state media. According to reports, the search for the man is already underway. No further details were given, including how the man ended up in the country’s main nuclear facility.

The Tehran leadership blames its nemesis Israel for the April 11 attack and speaks of a terrorist act. At the same time, she accuses Israel of trying to sabotage the nuclear talks in Vienna. Israel did not comment on the incident.

New Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges are being manufactured in Natans. According to nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi, uranium has been enriched up to 60 percent since Friday. Critics say there is no non-military reason for such a high enrichment. They warn that Iran has taken another step towards a nuclear weapon. The facility has been the site of multiple incidents or attacks attributed to Israel seeking to prevent Iran from being armed with nuclear weapons.

The nuclear talks in Vienna are about returning the US and Iran to the 2015 agreements. Commentators say Iran wants to strengthen its negotiating position with higher uranium enrichment. The goal is for US sanctions to be lifted before the June general election.

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