At this Flaming Lips concert everyone was in a bubble

At this Flaming Lips concert everyone was in a bubble

The famous alternative rock group gave a unique show in Oklahoma. It can be a solution to these pandemic times.

With a few exceptions, concerts and festivals seem to be distant memories these days. However, in times of a pandemic, there is still room for creativity. The Flaming Lips, the story of alternative rock, performed on stage at a concert specially designed for Covid-19. It happened last weekend, January 23rd and 24th, in Oklahoma, USA. And in double the dose.

All members of the band and around 100 spectators could again hear live music in company, each in their own bubble. The Flaming Lips have appeared twice in a row in the past and on Sunday. The result is incredible.

In June last year the idea was tested on a television program. The concept was already worked out in October for a new stage test. Those two weekend concerts should have been around Christmas, but there was a new spike in Oklahoma in December so they really had to postpone it.

After the dream came true, the band’s singer and mentor, Wayne Coyne, told the BBC that it was “safer than going to the grocery store”. Much more work for the staff.

Here’s a look at the first line of fans getting puffed up. You basically have to crawl into the deflated bladder and an assistant will blow it up with a leaf blower for you.

– Nathan Poppe (@NathanPoppe) January 24, 2021

Each bubble had a loudspeaker in the socket so the sound would not be muffled. There was also a small battery operated fan, a bottle of water, a towel and signs with notices for the viewer to warn the organization if they needed to go to the bathroom or if the bladder was too hot. A leaf blower was used to regularly refresh the air in the bladders, and a mask was available whenever someone had to leave the bladder.

In anticipation of the concerts, the band had already admitted to the magazine “Rolling Stone” that the concert was not only intended for a “restricted” audience, but also for “something strange”. All of this, however, had a purpose: “The strange thing is that we can all enjoy the concert without putting our families and everyone in danger.”

The show was recorded by a professional team. One of the elements, Nathan Poppe, took care of all the steps on Twitter. On stage the band remembered: “Sicherheit, Sicherheit, Sicherheit”. And of course “fun”.

The American group played some of their greatest classics, as well as a cover by Daniel Johnston, who passed away in 2019 and celebrated the musician’s 60th birthday. In the end, the members of the public rolled safely one by one to the exit.

Daniel Johnston Cover!

– Nathan Poppe (@NathanPoppe) January 24, 2021

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