At 69, Bonnie Tyler learned to swim while in custody in the Algarve

At 69, Bonnie Tyler learned to swim while in custody in the Algarve

The singer almost drowned in this region of the country almost a decade ago. Now she has finally overcome her fear.

The Algarve has long been adopted.

Usually he sings, “I need a hero”. And it really was a hero, in this case her husband Robert Sullivan, who saved her a decade ago. Without being able to swim, the singer Bonnie Tyler slipped off her yacht and almost drowned in the Algarve.

If that happens again, Bonnie Tyler won’t need any help. At 69, the singer finally learned to swim. And exactly in the Algarve. Tyler has known the region since the 1970s and even has a house in Albufeira.

His nearly drowning a decade ago added an added fear of water, which is why he continued to avoid going to swimming pools. With the spread of the pandemic, the Welsh singer stayed in Portugal all day during this period.

“I spent the summer in the pool, but I should have learned to swim a long time ago, but I had my trauma, I was afraid of water, but I no longer have it. Although I still don’t go to the deep end of the pool, ”he says.

It was the singer herself who remembered this episode and others during the podcast “The Andy Jaye Podcast”. Speaking to Andy Jaey, the singer confessed that she was lucky that her detention was in a beautiful setting like the Algarve. Bonnie Tyler added that she saw dozens of her shows canceled because of the pandemic, which didn’t stop her from working.

Bonnie continues to train her voice every day as she prepares to release a new single, “The Best is Yet to Come,” a song that incorporates an album of originals of the same name. The album should be released next February.

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