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In the EU there are again problems with a vaccine manufacturer: if its corona vaccine is approved, Astrazeneca will initially deliver fewer doses than planned. The EU Health Commissioner has clear words on this.

Berlin / Brussels (dpa) – The pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca is initially supplying less corona vaccine to the EU than planned. If Astrazeneca gets EU approval, the amount will be lower in the beginning, a spokeswoman for the British-Swedish company said on Friday when asked.

The reason is lower production at one location in the European supply chain.

According to EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides, the company announced the supply problems on Friday in the steering committee of the EU vaccination strategy. The European Commission and Member States have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the fact that less vaccine should be administered in the first quarter than planned, Kyriakides said in the evening.

A precise delivery schedule was called for on the basis of which Member States could plan their vaccination programs. The European Commission will continue to press for greater delivery reliability and accelerated distribution of the cans.

The newspaper “Bild” initially reported about the problems at Astrazeneca. As «Bild» reported, the vaccine has to be adapted after the mutations in some countries. Quantities of vaccine that are already being dumped should therefore not be delivered. In addition, the effects on production after a fire in a factory in India are not yet clear.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health said when asked, “We still expect the Astrazeneca vaccine to be approved for the EU by the end of next week. The EU has invested a lot in the pre-production of this vaccine. After approval it will become clear how much vaccine will also be available for Germany and when. “

Astrazeneca co-developed the vaccine with Oxford University in the UK. It is already in use in the UK. Approval in the European Union is also expected in the coming week.

This week there was already a supply bottleneck for vaccine manufacturers Biontech and Pfizer. The reason for this was the renovation of a Pfizer bottling plant in Belgium. In several EU countries there was great resentment because vaccination plans had to be changed.

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