Asterix and Obélix are entitled to series on Netflix


Asterix and Obélix are entitled to series on Netflix

It is the intrepid Gauls’ first animated television production.

For over 60 years the Roman Empire has feared a small Gallic land whose inhabitants only fear that the sky will fall on them. Armed with a magic potion, Astérix, Obélix and Company have long been a classic in comics that is already entitled to several adaptations to the cinema. Now for the first time they are entitled to an animated series.

Netflix has already given the go-ahead for the project, which is being carried out in collaboration with French Les Editions Albert René. Alain Chabat is the writer chosen for the 3D animation series that focuses on the adventures of Asterix.

The project is scheduled to start on the streaming platform in 2023. With 38 volumes, there is a lot in the world of Asterix that could serve as inspiration. The series begins with work on “Asterix and the Great Fight,” a comic that became an animated film in 1989. In this story, the Romans will try to spark the discord between the Gauls and kidnap the druids Panoramix and the famous magic potion.

In a blog post on the platform, Dominique Bazay, the animation director of Netflix, sheds light on the “timeless humor” and transversality for all ages of Goscinny and Uderzo as well as his special relationship with the character. “I’m French-Canadian and like many French-speaking people around the world, I grew up listening to the stories from Asterix. If I had been told at the age of eight that I was helping bring these characters to life, I wouldn’t believe it. “