Assume an R2-D2 collector with this set of 2000+ parts


On this May 4th, Star Wars, May 4th 2021, we couldn’t miss this new LEGO Star Wars set that will inevitably seduce all fans of R2-D2. It has been marketed since May 1st on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm.

A true collector’s item for all Star Wars fans

This 75308 R2-D2 set is in fact a remake of the 10225 set marketed in 2012. With more than 2300 pieces, you can take over this R2-D2 version in 2021, which is 31cm high and priced at 199.99 euros. The replica of the character, one of the few to appear in all of the saga’s episodes, has a retractable foot, retractable head, and functional hatches with a periscope.

You can discover the different functions of this new LEGO set in the following video.

In addition to the droid, you will find an exclusive R2-D2 figure, a presentation board on which the robot is displayed as a real collector’s item, and a special stone for the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm.

And on May 4th, LEGO decided to offer the LEGO Star Wars 40451 Tatooine Hoestead set. A set that you can buy for more than 85 euros in the Star Wars range.