Association of cities warns of curfew | Free press


Already in effect in Mannheim, some other cities are discussing their introduction – it’s about curfew. Criticism comes from the association of cities and municipalities.

Berlin (dpa) – The German Association of Cities and Municipalities has spoken out against general nightly curfews to contain the corona virus.

Curfew is another major constraint for people. In any case, they must be proportionate, that is, appropriate and necessary, ”CEO Gerd Landsberg (Saturday) told the Funke media group newspapers. This is eligible if the infection process cannot be assigned to specific resources.

Curfew is not automatically appropriate for all areas of high incidence. After all, weddings or outbreaks in retirement homes can also be the cause of the rapidly increasing number of infections. “Curfew would not be the right remedy in these situations.”

Landsberg is backed by left-wing MP Niema Movassat, who sees curfew as unconstitutional and “highly questionable”. “Such a serious violation of fundamental rights, such as the temporary, complete abolition of the constitutionally protected freedom of movement, must be enshrined in law,” Movassat said. In addition, most contacts would take place during the day – in the supermarket, at work, or on public transport.

In Mannheim, people have only been rightly allowed to leave home since Friday evening. The restrictions apply initially for eight days. In addition, the state government in Baden-Wuerttemberg has resolved nighttime exit restrictions for all districts with an incidence of more than 200. This is also being discussed in the Rhineland-Palatinate cities of Ludwigshafen and Speyer.