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As with Wandavision, the series will adopt a new style for the MCU

The She Hulk series, expected later this year, is slowly starting to get people talking. Kat Coiro, the show’s director, has just revealed some details about the future Marvel Studios series set to release on Disney+. In particular, she specifies that the program will be mainly oriented towards a comic dimension.

She Hulk: Who is Jennifer Walters?

In the comics, Jennifer Walters, also known as Miss Hulk (or She Hulk in the original version), was created by John Buscema and Stan Lee in 1980. This young heroine is portrayed as Bruce Banner’s cousin. The famous lawyer Jennifer is shot dead one day while practicing her profession. She ends up in the hospital, but needs a blood transfusion quickly. As he walks around town, Bruce Banner, the only compatible donor close enough to save his life, gives him his blood. If Jennifer Walters survives her injury, the side effects on her body will be terrible. Like her cousin, she develops extraordinary abilities, superhuman strength, and green skin, which is representative of Hulk Syndrome. The only difference with her cousin is that she keeps her identity as Jennifer Walters. Since then, she has been known as She Hulk.

Marvel Studios therefore decided to adapt this character for the big screen. Tatiana Maslany is set to take on the role of Jennifer Walters in the series She Hulk, directed by Jessica Gao, due later this year. She is supported in particular by Mark Ruffalo, again as Bruce Banner, and by Tim Roth, who takes on the role of The Abomination for the third time.

A series that is more oriented towards a comic dimension

She Hulk is one of the many Marvel series coming to Disney+ this year. Director Kat Corio, who is currently promoting her new film Marry Me, also spoke to The Wrap about the She Hulk series. Confirmation that the show would indeed be a legal comedy:

I never choose a project by genre. And actually I don’t think much about the genre, I think about the character. And I think about the emotional life of the characters and you know how I can contribute. Can I bring a mix of humor and heart to it? Because I like to look at it. And that’s how I like to work. The cool thing about Marvel is that it’s an ever-evolving universe. There are dramas, very comedic films, and often a mixture of both. I’m definitely playing with a more comedic world here, but it’s also still part of Marvel Land.

As a reminder, She Hulk will be a legal comedy divided into 30-minute episodes. As far as comedic tone goes, that’s not really a surprise since MCU productions tend to gravitate toward comedy. However, Moon Knight could offer a much darker approach that’s fairly unheard of on the MCU landscape. Whether She Hulk will have a second season like Loki, Kat Cario doesn’t know:

I’ll let Kevin Feige answer that question. We’ve done one season so far and it’s coming out this year. And we will go from there.


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